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i just got done going to the bathroom and had a quarter sized blob of dark red blood/slim.

well i had my first internal so that could be the cause, but last pregnancy i only bled once after an internal and it was a light pink.

should i worry and call L&D now or wait it out and only call if it gets worse.
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I would chalk it up to the internal unless it keeps up and then I would call your provider. That's just my feeling.
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I would also say it was from the exam. If it happens again after 24 hours I would call the dr.
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It could be that they knocked part of the mucous plug loose during the exam. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start having regular, painful contractions.

Still it's kind of exciting anyway! I'm checking the toilet paper like crazy these days and hoping for something like that.
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well, it let up. i'm kind of sad, i was hoping it was my mucus plug. oh well, guess i'll be pregnant a little longer. thanks for the info girls.
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