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My little girl has been a little fussy tonight and we realized she's cutting her first tooth! I feel sad that she's growing up so quickly - she just turned 4 months old on Sunday.

It's a reminder to me that I have to treasure every stage because they go by so fast.

For the experienced mamas here, what are good tips to help with teething pain? (besides the ol' brandy on the gums trick... )

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congrats..well kinda! i never was able to find anything that ds likes when he teethed but he was 9ish months before that happened so he was able to successfully put anything and everything in his mouth!
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I think my DD might be teething too. Tons of drool, chewing on everything she can get to her mouth, and fussiness. Teething tablets worked really well with DD1. She didn't get her first tooth until she was 6 mo, but every baby is different.
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we have a new trick for teething pain here... one of those "fresh food feeders" by munchkin or sassy. there is a little mesh pouch on a ring type holder that the baby can hold on to. anyway, fill the pouch with ice and they suck away. isa LOVES it, way more than teething rings. of course teething tablets have worked well too.

i am trying to "treasure" this stage. but man it's trying sometimes!
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My dcs loved frozen washcloths.
Gets the fingers clean too!
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