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Alternatives to Miralax

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Long story short -- I'm pretty sure my 2-year-old will be prescribed Miralax (sp?) this afternoon for a long-standing constipation problem. We've done the fiber, liquids, elimination-diet route and still the poor little thing holds it for days until, surprise surprise, his fears are confirmed and it hurts to go. I am not categorically opposed to the Rx but I have never given him a drug and just don't know if I should be cautious of anything in particular, or if there is a homeopathic remedy we could try -- either for the constipation itself or to keep down any side effects of the med.

Help! (Thanks.)
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If it makes you feel better, Miralax is pretty much just concentrated pear juice. They take the part out of the pear that works as a laxative, and they concentrate it. It's pretty benign as rx meds go.

That being said, there are some other alternatives:
-- magnesium. My friend gets some natural mag from her chiro that she mixes with water and gives to her preschooler. If she doesn't give it, the girl won't poop. Milk of Magnesia also works very well and it's safe to use long-term.

--pears of any form. Juice, purees, canned, fresh.

-- prune juice hides very well in fruit punch My first dd got this as a toddler and called the juice "tastes like raisins" juice.

-- Metamucil "cookies". My dd liked the apple flavored ones. Give with lots of water. One cookie usually did the trick for her.

-- Benefiber is also effective although it's not as effective as magnesia and the other things at the top of the list.

Good luck mama!
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My son has been having an ongoing constipation problem (like, over a year).....recently we were worried about a possible impaction---so he has been on miralax for a couple months now after other things didnt work.....I can say it has made a huge difference and we are getting ready to wean him off and see how he does
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What about healthy fats? I always see mamas mention the fiber stuff but never mention trying healthy fats. Coconut oil is one that comes to mind right away. When I started introducing healthy fats into my son's diet, his problems diminished. I also get good results from adding a little bit of water kefir to his daily diet. I make grape juice water kefir so its pleasant tasting and good for you with all of its probiotics. For more info on water kefir or good fats, check out the traditional foods forum.

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You guys are absolutely the best.

We are continuing to try w/pears -- he will take a tiny bit on occasion which is a big step forward for him.

Prunes in any form have so far been immediately detected and rejected! "Too juicy!" he says; "no pwoons!"

I don't know why mag/milk of mag had escaped my notice but somehow they did. We will try the Rx for now but mag is now also on my radar if needed.

Healthy fats: I only just became aware of flaxseed oil for this problem, and will check out the TF forum. I'm a massage therapist so I even have organic coconut oil on hand and I think maybe the boy would accept some, stirred into his oatmeal maybe. And water kefir sounds like something he would really enjoy so I'm on it!

Thank you ladies so much!
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My son was recently prescribed Miralax for exactly the same issues...
I joined the Miralax Yahoogroup, and then never gave it to him. I strongly urge you to do so before you give your child this stuff. There is a lot of ongoing discussion about significant behavioral changes while taking the stuff.
There are also a lot of good alternative ideas there.
I wish you luck. We have not found a good solution yet, and the witholding just sucks the big one. It is so stressful.
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We did milk of magnesia for my dd for a long time. You can buy a low sodium one, and they also make a concentrated flavored one. I found putting the plain one in mashed bananas worked best. When dd wouldn't take the MofM anymore, we did Miralax for a while. I didn't like using it but we'd tried practically everything else and it was making her and our lives just miserable. At about 3 - 3 1/2 she outgrew the constipation problem.

when the problem is really bad, the miralax or MofM can be very helpful. Once the constipation improved, we switched to the milder treatments - we did magnesium (oxide I think) and flaxseed oil.
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My 2 1/2 yo ds is on Miralax. I'm not thrilled about filling him with chemicals but couldn't find much info about it online (for or against). Here's an interesting website with user feedback about it http://www.askapatient.com/viewratin...8&name=MIRALAX

He's struggled with constipation since infancy and we finally ended up in the ER one night b/c he woke up crying and saying his tummy hurt, which has never happened before. We thought it might be appendicitis but an x-ray revealed that he was full of poop (can't wait to use that on him when he's older). He had an enema and said his tummy didn't hurt anymore. He's been less whiny and more pleasant and had a much better appetite since he's started it.

I wish I had some alternative suggestions to offer. I'm guessing if you're like us you've tried all the recommended food options your ds will eat. I almost laughed out loud when a friend told me fresh-squeezed o.j. would take care of it (right, since 8 oz of prune juice doesn't make a dent, literally). Keep us posted as to what you try and whether or not it works. I'll be very interested in hearing about it.
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Giant dipe full of poop; easy on him to pass it; belly no longer distended; suddenly happily eating plenty of vegetable matter. No (negative) behavioral changes noted. Gotta run!
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