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What's with this acne!?!

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This whole pregnancy, I have been blessed with the best skin of my life. It's been great! Then in the past two days, I've totally broken out on my chin/cheeks. I haven't done anything differently, nor is this a rash. I'm just gross!

Anyone else?
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I'm having breakouts too and have been wondering what the deal is internally. I wouldn't call it acne but I have had several pimples on my chin, cheeks, nose, etc. at random times, never enough at once to freak out about.

I think it must be hormonal.
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I think it is hormonal too, similar to pms...
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If I eat too many sweets, I'll break out just a little. My skin has been pretty good this time around, but when I was pregnant with DS, I had teenage boy skin!! Even my back, shoulders and chest broke out! Thankfully it's much better this time!
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I guess mine isn't *too* bad, I just got used to having such nice skin! I haven't been eating as well as I should, that probably has something to do with it. It's like the past week, all I want to eat is crap. Time to saddle up and take charge of my diet again!
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I have had a few blemishes on my face this week too which is abnormal for this pg. Maybe it is just this stage in pg but I am sure I would benefit from upping my water intake. Haven't been doing so well in that area.
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The lovely estrogen I was just reading on this.. as I started breaking out the last few days.. I feel like a teenager all over again
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My face just cleared up. I was using a new product my DH got me for Christmas...when I stopped using it, my face cleared. Now, if I can keep it clear for the next few weeks
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