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Morning sickness WAY WORSE!

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So, I spent Wednesday and Thursday flat on my back all day with vertigo and nausea. It is a vicious cycle -- I am too sick and dizzy to get up and feed myself, so I get hungry, which takes the form of nausea, so I really don't want to eat. Today I felt better so I tried to be up and about, which was a huge mistake. I proceeded to puke everything up, my favorite food (ice cream) is ruined for me forever.

Please weigh in on whether this -- including the vertigo and gas pain/diarrhea -- is too bad to be within the range of normal. DH has begged me to ask you! What is the threshold for checking myself into a hospital or something? DH really wants me to see an OB (but isn't this really a GI problem?); my first MW exam isn't until 1/30.
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Are you holding anything down? If not, or even if it's only very little, I'd call the MW and ask what she recommends. On second thought, regardless of your answer, a call to your MW prior to your first appointment isn't a bad thing! But it does sound pretty severe, so not something to play around with. Your body has enough going on with trying to nurture a baby, kwim?

Good luck!
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I'm sorry you are feeling so rotten. It sort of sounds like ms compounded with a viral type intestinal thing. The only reason you would need to go to the ER would be if you were so sick that you were dehydrated, or you had a fever over 101. that could not be brought down with Tylonel. If your dh heats it up do you think you could lay very still and sip some broth or cool gatoraid or ginger ale/sprite? And if that stays down try some plain pasta or rice, or a baked potato?
I had a couple of really lousy days this past weekend. All I did was eat, puke and sleep. I hope you feel better soon.
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In my first pregnancy my peri said it is hyperemesis if you are throwing up more than 10 times a day or going more than 24 hours unable to keep down any liquids. In my second pregnancy my midwife said it was hyperemesis if you are unable to do every day tasks cause you are to sick.

Anyway, I was rehydrated twice with dd and god, I don't even remember how many times with DS...you will probably know if you are dehydrated, I can always tell, and if you are it's a good idea to go get rehydrated, it will make you feel a ton better.
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Treatment doesn't have to be checking yourself into a hospital; there are anti-nausea prescriptions, for example. I would go see an OB or a MW, because you want someone who knows what's safe during pregnancy.
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ummm this is soo mean of health care providers but they will not dx dehydration before testing a urine sample for dehydration....translation if you can pee call your midwife and give her a sample and let her test it....

if you can't pee call your widwife and tell her you can't pee b/c your dehydrated and there is nothing left to pee out and that you are going to the ER....most ERs will at least give you some fluids and wait for you to pee then test it for dehydration.

i have a bladder condition which makes dehydration a nightmare for me so i was hospitalized for the hyperemisis and given non stop fluids and a ton of anti-nausia meds.
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How are you doing today PiePie? Any better? A continuous supply of calm stomach vibes comming your way Hope you are feeling loads better!
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If it's 'suddenly' worse, you might be 'sick' in addition to pregnancy. That is what happened to me last time and I was sooo sick! But, I wasn't ever admitted. Just had IV fluid for hours in the ER and then went home You can also see a naturopath for IV therapy!!! You don't HAVE to go to the ER if you don't want to
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today is not nearly as bad. dh is finally home and feeding me. i have not tried to do anything, even shower. just chillin'. dh got me seabands. i am peeing some even had the presence of mind thanks to you all to pee into a cup. if i'm still sick tomorrow i'll consider the er -- no meds but rehydration. i think i am also having a flare-up of irritable bowel syndrome. awesome huh. very mild fever supports the virus hypothesis.
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That's what happened to me--went from constant nausea with throwing up once or twice a day to throwing up 10 times in one day--pretty sure it was actually a stomach bug. I think I made it worse thinking it was morning sickness and trying to eat, when I really needed not to. The next day I went back to the normal awfulness, but less throwing up. Hope you keep feeling better!
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