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Hip pain.. sciatic? HELP!

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OMG.. I've had hip pain for the past two weeks or so. It's extremely hard to predict.. sometimes I feel fine and can sprint up and down the stairs, walk for an hour on my treadmill.. totally normal.. then BOOM.. I'm nearly crippled with this hip pain!

It's isolated to my left hip and seems to be much worse if I sit for long periods of time (but not so bad when I get up in the morning). The pain is so bad it takes my breath away at times.. then other times I'm fine.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of pain? This is an IVF baby and I was on progesterone shots (1.5 inch needle in the butt every night) until 2 days ago. I'm sure they didn't help matters. Any advice? Please??!?!? Thanks
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Find a chiropractor who works with pregnant women! Quick!

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If the pain is running down your leg, it's sciatic. If it's hip only (like your hip wants to pop out) it may be your SI joint. Find either a reputable chiro, or a physical therapist is who helped me. There is a belt that you can wear around your hip to help keep things in place. If it is your SI joint, and this isn't your first baby, it's probably the hormone relaxin going to work loosening up your joints. You probably don't want to sprint up stairs, or walk too long on the treadmill (even if you're feeling okay) until this is sorted.

Take care,

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Thanks guys.. H: I actually read about the belt you mentioned online. This morning I took one of my regular belts and tightened it snugly around my hips. This has made a WORLD of difference. The pain is still there at times but only slightly. I hate to stop working out but maybe I ought to for a few days

Thanks for the advice both of you!
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I also have been/ still am on Progesterone shots X2 daily. My backside could take no more about a week ago so I'm now assulting my thighs. Anyhow I have been having the same pain in my left hip, also early pub symphisis pain: I started wearing my pregnancy belt I got from M'hood durring my first pregnancy. it is helping a bit. Hope you continue to feel better. I definately recomend chiropractic too.
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the book fit to deliver has exercises/stretches for preventing and relieving sciatica. check it out.
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Sorry you have the hip pain.

I have it too, but mine is while sleeping. My pilates instructor told me to do some of the yoga poses - like warrior - to help with the pain but so far, I haven't done it very much, but the pillow between the knees when I sleep does seem to be helping some.

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I had a similar thing too, for a long time, prior to being pregnant. I've been working with an accupunturist/chinese herbalist for a while now. His theory was also the SI joint, and that mine easily popped out, causing the searing hip pain. The sleeping with a pillow between the legs helped (and that means legs together, in the same position, not one leg thrown over the pillow, the other straight... I actually had to take a scarf and tie my thighs together to achieve this, keep from dislodging it in my sleep). Also, an adjustment to put the joint back in, and he recommended I intake more protein, specifically red meat. Also, eat only hot foods, no raw veggies, limit carbs... All as part of a "strengthen my joints" plan. In my case, the theory was that since I had spent 13 years (from age 13-26) as a vegetarian, I had 'undernourished' my system, specifically resulting in 'loose' joints. The accupunture treatments, along with the chiropractic-like adjustments and my lifestyle adjustments totally turned around what was nearly debilitating pain at times. (I also found it waaaaay worse after sitting for a long time, and since I'm a student, that's what I mostly do!) When I got pregnant, he warned me that it might be troublesome again, due to the effects of relaxin on joints. I'm sure the injections wouldn't help at all either! I definitely recommend you try accupunture and chiropractic, and as someone suggested, maybe look for someone specifically used to working with pregnant women. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
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