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i'm not a mom... yet
early december i will be tho
it cracks me up to listen to people talk about how AP kids aren't going to be independent and all my closest friends do their own version of AP'ing and their kids are THE most independent kids i know! and I am in contact with a tonne of children

i disagree with some of the things my friend of 16 years does and some of the things my sister does, they know i disagree and we all have our reasons for doing things the way we do. with both of them... on certain topics... i just shake my head at them and they know why. sometimes we laugh about it. sometimes we don't. the funny thing is that they are AP'ing parents, everyone has their own version of AP'ing... i guess... but for people who claim to be all about the child and what the child needs they sure do contradict themselves sometimes....

i'm so glad that i signed up on mdc... i love reading everyone's experiences... makes things less... scary i guess lol