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Anomalies - extra or odd teeth, etc

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My dd is 19 mo and has an over-sized canine, which has crowded out one of her other teeth (she's had all, including molars for probably the last 6 months). How early should she be seen for this? Here in France kids don't really start seeing the dentist until they're 3, though I plan on taking her before she turns 2. But should I have her seen as soon as possible?
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double tooth?

My DS has a tooth that looks like two teeth formed into one. Our ped says he's never seen such a thing. Any one else out there with a "double tupper?"
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Yes, it is a baby tooth (he's 15 mos). It is the one right next to his top front tooth. I'll do a search. Thanks!
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I had one of these. I thought it was totally cool!


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anesthesia-removal of supernumerary tooth

Hi there! My son, 6 1/2 is having a supernumerary tooth removed (Smilemomma you did a wonderful job educating me on this phenomena a few weeks ago). As it has been explained, if the extra tooth is not removed, the baby tooth may not ever get loose and the permanent tooth will begin to root itself sideways, crooked, or "who knows what" way up there.

My son is excited because the tooth fairy will need to compensate him for two teeth instead of one for his trouble.....

Anyway, it is scheduled for Feb. 20 with an oral surgeon. Any recommendations for the best type of anesthesia? will nitrous oxide be sufficient. Does anyone know how much pain to expect after a double extraction (baby tooth and supernumerary tooth?)

And just how generous should the tooth fairy be after such an ordeal?????
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I had one of those teeth removed at a similar age and I barely remember it. I'm sure that they did use some of the nitrous oxide gas and then also the novocaine shot. I do not remember any pain. I do remember being nervous beforehand and then bored during the procedure. I do not remember it as traumatic. I'm sure the only reason I do remember it is from being nervous about it beforehand.

Does the oral surgeon have a tv playing kids videos for distraction? In my experience, the better (more sensitive to kids) pediatric dentists, orthodontists, even hairstylists, do have them.
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Little/No Tooth enamel

My 8yo son loves going to the dentist! We always made brushing fun, the dentist and crew are fun, and check-ups have always gone well. He loves having his teeth 'shined'!

Bad news: One of his 'baby' molars (third molar back) came in with little enamel. It looks dark, and his dad and I brushed it like crazy to get it clean before the dentist told us he doesn't have much enamel on it. DS's history: He had 'baby vitamins' for his first 4 months (my pre-Mothering days), was breastfed for a year, drank flourinated water, and had his teeth brushed since he was ~1yo. His dad or I did the evening brushing everyday until he was 8; we still occasionally brush his teeth to keep an eye on things. He just got sealants on all his molars.

I'm worried because my sister's adult teeth all came in with no enamel, and I've seen all the time, pain and money that have gone into bridges, caps, etc.

The adult teeth (the front ones) that have come in look fine...

Lots of questions::
1. What causes little or no enamel? Genetics? Vitamins and minerals? Other?
2. Does this indicate what his adult teeth will be like?
3. What can we do to 'strengthen' the tooth?

Smilemomma: Thanks for all the time you put into this!! I've been a reader for years!
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