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Madison Ansley has arrived

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Hi everyone - if this post is a little off it is due to me being on drugs and VERY little sleep! They have shot me up with benedryl today due to severe itching from my epidural.

Madison Ansley is here! She was born on 1/13/07 at 12:18am. She is 6lbs 10 ounces and 18 3/4 inches long.

Here is her birthing story:

ON the way to the hospital I called in to the answering service to say that we were headed down and my contractions were 6 minutes apart now. We were about 20 minutes away. The oncall Midwife whom I have never talked to called me back and said ok come on in but we will probably stop it. I was like I do not think so lady. My doctor's office earlier in the day told me I could get sectioned if I was under 10 minutes since I was only 1 day away from being full term.

So we get there - and the actual doctor comes in. It is the one doctor that I really do not like - but you cant pick them huh? He checks my cervix and nothing has changed since my office appt earlier in the week. HE says they will not section me unless I am in TRUE labor and my cervix starts to change. He would be back in 2 hours to check my cervix but he felt that the fluids would calm my contractions down because now they were about 4 minutes apart. I was a little miffed to say the least!! Well for 2 hours I contracted and got up to 3 minutes apart and hitting 113 on the scale of contractions. I also got very sick and started throwing up. So in he comes at 1030 to check me last night and started shaking his head no. I immediately started crying thinking he was going to tell me no section and he was like well your in true labor so we will deliver tonight. Then I really started crying because it was a relief to have her finally here and over.

Well then the little epidural guy comes in to give me my epidural. I freaked out really badly on him. I think I had it in my head that he was going to hurt me really bad so I was hyperventaliting, and crying really hard. He kept threating to put me under general if I did not calm down so I finally did and got my epidural. It wasnt as painful as I had remembered my last one so that was a good sign.

So we go off to the OR and they get her out and she looks great. Hubby and her go to the recovery room while I get tubes tied and fixed up. I had some extra bleeding due to my blood count being low (red blood cells) before surgery and they had to put in extra stictches because she was so big for me. So it took me another 40 minutes in the OR. I finally get into recovery and she has low blood sugar and is having issues breathing. They thought the breathing was from the low blood sugar but wanted to make sure. They wanted to take her up to the transition nursery and they gave her some formula.

Finally around 6am they brought her to our room and all was good. The breathing was from the low blood sugar. They had just gave me a shot of benedryl so I was out of it so hubby fed her one ounce of formula. Then they took her to the nursery to see the peditrician at 630 am. The peditrician stated she had a heart murmur so they were giving her some medicine and will check her Sunday morning. If it has not cleared up they will call in the cardiologist to look at her tomorrow and make an assement.

So we did not get to see her until 930am where I went to try and feed her via breast but she was having none of it so the nurse said no worries let her sleep and try later.

At 12 noon I put her on the breast and she actually did great and was sucking really well and hard, latching on very well and sucked for almost 10 minutes straight which is great for her being that she is a newborn.

So we are here til Monday then we will be going home. I am very tired, sore as all get out, and finally just got up - got my cather out and boy am I feeling that first pain of moving around.

I am relieved it is over, she is fairly healthy and VERY beautiful. She does have a temper though and does not like any noise to disturb her sleep and it is actually quite cute!

Here is some pictures and I will post more when we get home.



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Congrats! Here's to a speedy recovery for you both!
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She's beautiful! Congratulations!
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congrats! she is beautiful.
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Hope you enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome Madison!
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She is beautiful!! And looks so tiny to the hand that's in the first picture!

Congrats on your baby girl... it sounds like it was stressful for you but I'm really happy she is out and I hope she continues to nurse well and do well... and I hope you recover quickly too!
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Congratulations & welcome to Madison!!! Wishing you a wonderful babymoon & a speedy recovery
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Congradulations! I hope you feel well soon.
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OOOOOOOO MY God..... Is she every so beautiful!
Welcome too the world Little Miss Madison! What a precious, precious princess you have there. I hope your recovery goes smoothly, and you heal fast!
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She is gorgeous, Traci!! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Oh what a truly beautiful child!!!!!!!!
I am all teary eyed.
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congratulations! welcome to the world Madison!
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Congrats! Kiss that beautiful baby for me!
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I love the name!! She is beautiful. Welcome to the world Madison. I hope you have a quick and easy recovery, Traci.
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Congratulations! She is beautiful! Welcome to the world little Madison!
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Congrats mama and welcome to the world beautiful litte Madison!! s
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