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So tired of all the BH Contrax.. I WANT

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The real thing... I will be 36wks tomorrow, and I am living constant Braxton Hicks..but nothing more then that.. Actually they really started too pick up when I started drinking my pregnancy tea a little over a week ago..Plus I noticed a HUGE difference in alot of the issues I was having... Like, NOW I feel so much more less bloating ( this feels SO GOOD ) I actually look 36wks pg, and not 55wks I feel less tired.. I just feel alot better, the only thing that is really bothering me now, is this god forsakin itching..Plus ofcourse it scares me( the itching )..I just wanna have some real contrax is all...Yes, I am whining a bit...Thanks for letting me vent:
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i know what you mean. i have bh all day long, everytime i feel one coming on i'm hoping to feel a back ache or cramps... not yet. i started drinking my preg tea also and i noticed it makes me get more bh then normal. maybe having more will help speed things up.
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I drink 3 cups a day, how much do you drink? If I wasn't itching like mad, i would just go with the flow, but Gosh.. This itching is a B!tch..
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I'm with you kinda because I've had 2 preemies. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow too and the baby in engaged and my cervix is soft and half-way effaced, no dilation yet.
I am excited for real labor but definitely want it to hold of at least for another week if not two.
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What exactly is in your pregnancy tea? I drink RRL every morning and sometimes at night, but it's just straight. It's certainly not helping the bloating I don't think.
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I'm sorry!! The end can be so hard!!! Before we know it though, we'll have our babes in arms...
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Congrats mamas. Hang in there. Boy oh boy. I remember this time.

goal is a full term healthy baby tho so get comfy. and be mad i posted-its ok!!!!!lol.
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i was going to post yesterday missy and ask you if you had had a liver profile done.

i was wondering how you are. i am super itchy too, but i'm very susseptable to dry skin eczema in the winter. it's a noraml thing for me. and i'm covered in big red blotches, so it know it's nothing weird. just a PITA dry skin rash.

i have lots o' contractions too. 2 kinds now! the PITA BH ones that just make everything hard and then in the evening/night time i have started to get some that kinda hurt. not really hurt, just make me go... oof! and are uncomfortable and i can't walk or talk or anything. it's very annoying.

magnesium helps, as does lots of water and rest. but nothing makes them go away.

i'm going *try* and enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy, since this is likely the last one.
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Honey, I have my pre-natal in the morning, so I will def be bringing up the itching along with the testing that is done for cholestasis.. from Itchymoms website..
Ya know when I take the Milk Thistle the itching improves alot.. I mean I still itch, but do not itch dead air ( I guess what I mean is.. I can itch all I want, it does not relieve the itch..: , if that makes sense too you


I use the Traditionals Medicinals Pregnancy tea * organic * it has

Organic Rasberry leaf
Strawberry leaf
Organic Nettle herb

Propietary Blend.......
Organic spearmint leaf
organic bitter fennel fruit
organic rose hips
organicn Alfalfa leaf
organic lemon verbena leaf...
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