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Lily has finally arrived! Pictures added

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Well, just wanted to let you all know that my daughter Liliana was born via emergency c-section January 12th at 12:16 pm. 11 hours of pitocin the first day of induction that did barely anything, I couldn't understand why I wasn't going into labor. They took me off to let me rest over night and we started over on Friday morning. This time I did start having contractions but my sweety STILL hadn't moved down into position properly. When the midwife examined me she was concerned because it appeared there was a hand before head. When she checked again- My water broke! Unfortunetly after an ultrasound confirmed Lily as Breech and several attempts to turn her, I had to give up on my birth plan and have a c-section. Something I want to say I never thought would happen but now realize I might have felt all along. Turns out Lily's cord went from her belly button down through her legs and up around her shoulder. I appeared to be a fairly short cord as well or else it wouldn't have been a problem. This entire time I wondered why I hadn't gone into labor and it was Lily trying to tell me she couldn't come out that way. I think they called her birth position footling breech position but I'm really not sure anymore it might have been Frank breech position- I'm just not sure
She is great, nurses like a champ and although I am sore I am extremely grateful that she is here and happy and healthy (regardless of how I had hoped it would happen)

Thanks for everyone's support throughout this whole pregnancy, I wish everyone who is still waiting for babies the best of luck.

I hope I did this right! Let me know if you can see them




I love this last picture because it's the very moment Miguel met his sister and he has been smitten ever since!
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Congratulations mama, and welcome Lily! I'm sorry your birth didn't go the way you expected or hoped. It's amazing sometimes how the babies seem to know things aren't right.
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Congrats on your beautiful new baby! Sorry that things didn't go the way you had hoped... allison is right-- it's amazing how babies just know that things aren't right...
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Congratulations on your new baby!!
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It know that it must have been pretty stressful, but I'm glad it turned out well in the end. Congratulations on being so strong through it all and on your wonderful new baby girl!
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I'm so happy that your little one is finally here! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful babymoon!
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Congratulations! I am glad that everything worked out well, even if it wasn't the original plan. Take care of yourselves!
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Congrats on your new baby girl, I'm sorry things didn't turn out planned but I'm glad you and your baby are doing well! I love the name Liliana it's one of our top contenders if this is a girl!!
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What an experience. I'm thankful both you and the baby are doing well.
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It's amazing how smart babies are! Congratulations and happy babymoon. Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery.
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Sounds like Lily already knows how to assert herself. Hooray for bringing a strong-willed girl into the world ! Here's wishing you a quick recovery. Happy Birthday Lily!
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Congratulations, I hope you have swift recovery! Welcome baby Lily!
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Congratulations! I hope you're having a wonderful time with your new baby!
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Welcome to the world, Lily! Heal quickly and well, Allison. Happy babymoon!
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congrats and a speedy recovery!
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Thanks everyone! Recovery is the goal at this point. I'm so thankful for my INCREDIBLE husband and my mom. They were with me the whole time in the hospital and took such good care of me and Lily (since I was so out of it). And my dad who watched our son for the 4 days I was in the hospital.

I've made peace with the fact that things didn't go my way (such is life) and I am grateful to have a healthy, happy although tired family to love. I wish everyone the same. I will post pictures when I figure out how.

All my love

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It's amazing how strong and adaptable we can be, isn't it? Congratulations on your sweet new baby!
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bump. so you can see my pictures
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What a beautiful family you have!! Congratulations!! Lily is such a lovely name
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