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Add me to the prayer list please

We are also TTC. Please add us to your list. Thanks
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Add me please
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Ttc #2

Here's to hoping this is the month!! Hubby had to go away for 9 days so I'm hopeful we already took care of it. *crosses fingers*
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Please add me too as well I so want another baby at frist all I wanted was a baby girl but know I just want a healthy baby boy or girl I will take what ever God gives me If its a boy I will name him Aidan Matthew and for the girl Clare Rose. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and Gods healing you see I am praying for a miricle a tubal failure which I have regreated the day I got it so please people pray thay God heals me and blesses me with a baby . This is all I want for christmas this year is a big fat possitive.
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I would like to be added as well. May He bless all of you ladies. You're in my prayers
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Can you add me to the list? We have been TTC again after 2 losses. Hopefully this month we'll have a sticky baby!

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Praying for everyone on the list.

Please ad us to the list... I'm new here but just wanted to say that I will be praying for everyone here. We are trying to concive and have been since early this year and I it can be difficult.
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Please can you add me and DH too? We are in our late-30s and TTC#1. We send our love to all

Love & light
Lemony x
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We could also use your prayers....

We are currently TTCing #2. I am 10dpo, and I've been having cramping and some brown spotting. We got pregnant really easily with #1, so I just assumed our second time would be just as easy. I am sort of hoping that AF just shows up because the brown spotting has me completely freaked out...

Thanks bunches...
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could you add us to the prayer list.. we are ttc #2...

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We are also TTC my name is nami. Please keep us in your prayers
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I'm thinking of all of you and hoping you'll think of us!
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I have a few days to go before I find out if I am pregnant or not. I need some prayer would you put me on the list too. My husband and I have been trying for a second baby for about a year now now.
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Don't put me on the list I have just found out I am pregnant. Yay
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TTC Prayer List

We are TTC. Please add us to your list.
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please add me to your prayer list me and my husband have been tryin for over 6 years im on my first cycle of clomid and im going to have iui done.
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Please send me a little prayer . ..

: PLease also add me to your prayer list .. .

We have number one .. . and need a little prayer for number two . ..
Thanks so muchly . .. mwah x x x
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Can I please be added to the list? We are TTC #2.

Thank you all for your prayers!
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Please Add ME

My name is Sheri and My husband is Lance.
I would really love to be added to your prayer list..We experienced our first loss in January of 2008..I was 16 weeks pregnant but our little one had gone to heaven at 13 wks 2 days..We are now trying to conceive again and need all of the prayers we can get! Please lift us up in your prayers!

Thank you and God Bless!

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Yes, Please add me

I am trying to conceive #2. I have very irregular cycles and I am trying to balance them out with herbs. I hope to conceive by this fall. I would like to be added to the prayer list and I will be praying for all of you.
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