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Pretty please add me

We're TTC #2 after one m/c this April. I'm waiting two cycles and will be trying again the beginning of July. Thank you!!!
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prayer list

I am new to this and I am not sure how to send a private message.

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You are in my prayers !!
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Originally Posted by Breastisbest2008 View Post
You are in my prayers !!
Thank you.
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I am also not too sure about private message. But can you please all pray for me? If I am not pregnant now I only get one more try before my husband leaves for Iraq. Thank you all so much
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I can be taken off the list!

Thanks for any and all prayers. They were answered. We found out we were pregnant Saturday night!! Seeing that positive sign was one of the best feelings in the world!! We are so happy
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I am TTC for my first time.
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Please add me to the list we have now been trying for a year and are faithfully still striving to concieve baby #1. thanks
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Can you please add me to the prayer list. I have a healthy 3 year old DD and a son in Heaven who passed at 16 weeks in my last pregnancy. We want so badly to be parents again and I want to trust God, but my fears sometimes get in my way.
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I appreciate any prayers so very much. I am losing my faith. I am only 27, and so very sad lately.

Thank you.
(I am Diana, DH is Kirk)

Prayer is powerful!

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New here

hello i am new to this site , but am joining. I am a mum of 4 youngest is nearly 2. Ive had a miscarriage 04/08 trying since then had no luck. Would like to find out more about charting?
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Could you please add me (us) to the Prayer List. I conceived our daughter shortly after being on the list last year and after almost a year of trying. Through good luck, timing or prayers we were blessed and now at 41, I still have more love to share and really want to experience pregnancy and birth again and most importantly, see the joy and wonder that my 7 and 3 year olds have for their little sister on my daughter's face. Other than a mother's love for her children, I think there is no other love as special than that shared by sibling. I'm pretty much an only child...can you tell? I was born when my mother was in her 40's but, I do have 2 older siblings who were in their early 20's when I cane along.

Many thanks and well wishes to all,
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I'd love to be added as well. I am trying to conceive #2 after having a miscarriage recently. Thank you. Leah
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please add us!

my hubby comes home in 48 hours, he has been gone over a year, navy pilot, he is so excited to come home, and make baby! we decided during his det that we would finally try, and since i am in the over 40 category and already have medical issues, we are really hoping that not only does it happen, but that the overall 'suffering' is kept to minimum! i know he is worried about my health being that i have had other problems for a long time now, so we would appreciate all good thoughts. i read through the list this morning, sent as many good thoughts and prayers as one person could! thank you all. B
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please add us to the list! thank you all so much!
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Please Pray for me

Please add me to your prayersI often wonder if God is telling me it's not time or punishing me for a past mistake. Please pray that I get pregnant at the earliest, preferrably sooner. And that the pregnancy is healthy and stress free
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Add me to the prayer list, please. Thank you. Hugs.
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Pleas pray for us

Hi, I'm new to this site, so I'm not sure how to send someone a PM. But here is my story...I'm 30 years old hubby is 31, we've been trying to conceive without success for a year. I have never been pregnant, and really really want a little angel to love!!! I saw an RE a few weeks ago, and he has me scheduled for a few tests, and then will likely start me on clomid.
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Please add me to the list... I will take any and all prayers, and I'll pray myself for everyone else on the list! We're TTC as of a few days ago (decided to TTC a few weeks ago, but yesterday was ovulation day!) and I'm really hoping this works. I'd love to have an October baby! <3
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A Prayer

Hey All,

I will pray for you all......be positive and dont lose hope ever......

Do pray for me as well please.

Thanks a ton
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