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Chicken Pox -Herbal/Oatmeal or Caladryl lotion?

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My Mom is debating me on a remedy for Pox itching! I want to use an herbal preparation, but she thinks I should just stick with the tried and true Caladryl. I checked out the ingredients in Caladryl, and I don't think something with "fragance, alcohol" would be good.

Help! My daughter had a fever today and I think the spots will be coming tomorrow!
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Moving to health and healing
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Thanks for the help! I'll look there for more answer!
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When we had chicken pox as children we used both the caladryl lotion and oatmeal/aveeno baths to relieve itching and they both seemed to work wonders! Even now I will use a dab of caladryl to relieve the itching of a mosquito bite on my daughters.
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Caladryl dries up the lesions which does 2 things : increases scarring and also blocks the toxins from exiting the body via the skin like they need to.

Wish I'd known this for my dd's case, it lasted far too long and everywhere I used the stuff (face, mostly, to pre-empt scratching, I assumed she would scratch) There is a little scarring but notably not on her trunk, where the worst lesions were but no lotion was used.

So in short I wouldn't recommend Caladryl.... Oatmeal bath is very soothing for that day or two where [there may or may not be] itching. My dd was 13 months old when she got CP. She did not itch or scratch herself at all, and she otherwise has always been sensitive to hot/cold, fabrics, sound, etc. so go figure.
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We found oatmeal bathes to be more helpful than anything. ...though you should be aware that during the break-out phase, heat makes them break out more. We also used aloe.
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Here is everything you will want to know about Chicken Pox.
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Can anyone explain exacty what an oatmeal bath is/how to make one? I want to be prepared with natural remedies when my dd comes down with cp.
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I think the oatmeal baths can be two things: I've read that you can place oatmeal in a stocking and run it under water in the tub, which will make a milky bath. I just purchased the Aveeno collodial (?) oatmeal bath from Walgreen's and used it tonight. It's basically finely crushed up oatmeal in a small packet. So far so good!
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I just poured some into the tub w/my kids when they had c pox. they loved playing with it lol! Ds was exactly 1 yr old (nice birthday pics, huh?), and tried to eat it a few times, but of course I was right there, so not happening.

Also homeopathic rhus tox was a lifesaver, and aveeno lotion was great too.
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Forgetful homeopathic

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we used oatmeal in an old sock...squeeze the water in and out to 'cook' the oatmeal

getting out the clumpy oatmeal was messy but the baths were effective.
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