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YAY!! She got the show on the road!!!!!!

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Miss Sophia is here!!!!!!!


There's her pics from the hospital's site. I am on their computer.

She was born at 9:50 AM Friday January 12th. I woke up in labor at 4:30. My doula came at 7. I asked if we could go to the hospital yet at 8 cause "the whirlpool is starting to sound good." We did. I was checked at 8:30, after walking in with bearable contractions--I was a 7!
I did finally get in the tub around 9, I know I was out and pushing around 9:30, born at 9:50! I was there for a whole about 5 contractions--pretty funny, on about the third one in, I asked when my midwife was coming back to the room, somebody said "whenever you want", after the next one, I said "GO GET TERI!" LOL
No time to think about drugs, didn't want them anyway. No stitches, no episiotomy, she said I had two tiny little tears, can't even feel those anymore really.

I could not have possibly asked for a better, easier birth! MW did say on Thursday 'oh, she's low, I'll be surprised if she goes to the 21st' and gave me info on times she wouldn't be available this weekend. (couple hours here and there, I was lucky enough not to hit them!) And 'when she goes, she'll come fast'

She is also nursing like a champion! She caught on right away, nursed all day today, slept great last night.

This experience is just *so* different from my son! night and day. I told my MW today if she ever leaves here, I'll have to move too if I plan on having any more kids because I won't have anybody else deliver them. She's seriously the best, came in this morning and thanked me for the privilege of being there.
I also made quite an impression on a nursing student, mine was the first birth she's ever witnessed. Her teacher came in and asked if I'd let her and another student come visit us at home as part of the class too, I agreed and she said the girl had been hoping I would. (I just *knew* I was doing something right when I agreed to let students witness as part of my birth plan. )
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby and fabulous birth!
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What a dream birth & a wonderful story!! She is beautiful!!
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Congratulations Mama and welcome to baby Sophia!! I'm so glad you had such a great experience.
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I'm due in a few weeks myself (Feb board) but I keep lurking here because it's so nice to read about birth stories and see the babies! She is beautiful!
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day 2. We're still here, got to stay because of GBS and fast delivery. She is going home with a billi blanket too, but that should be fine as she's nursing CONSTANTLY. (except for a 5 hour sleep stretch last night--wow!) this morning they asked and I said well, she's been off and on the last 2 hours--off a couple minutes, back on, switch sides... We go home sometime after 5 today when DH gets off work. And he is off tomorrow cause of the holiday. Looking forward to seeing DS and his reaction to her being at home.
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Yay mama!!! Congratulations!

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Congrats, what a wonderful birth story!!
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Congratulations on your baby girl.

I'm always amazed to hear things like "walking in with bearable contractions--I was a 7!" My contractions become unbearable way before 7. Good for you. Sounds like an easy birth.
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Congrats! What a beautiful babe!

On an OT note, I never realized you were so close--I'm in Yankton!
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Congratulations!! Welcome to the world, Sophia Thanks for sharing your beautiful birth story with us -- I'm so happy for you that it went so well!
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welcome to the world little one!

i'm so excited for you! alhumduillah on her safe arrival..what a blessing. wishing you and your family a happy baby moon, enjoying your little one
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CONGRATULATIONS! It sounds like a perfect birth.

Enjoy that beautiful baby!!
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congrats!!!!! i'm so glad you got the birth you wanted! and glad to see she's nursing well! hoping to see you tomorrow at LLL!
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