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It's my babyshower today!!!!!!!!

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I'm so excited!!!!!! All my local MDC friends are going to be at my dear friend's house, my midwife is coming and my sisters are coming too! I'm so excited! They're all MDC mamas so you know I'm not going to get bottles or disposable diapers, thankfully. They're an awesome group of fabulous moms and I love hanging out with them. And they hired a henna artist! I've got 6 rolls of film, think that's enough?
This is my first baby shower since DS1 who is almost 8.

And I'm 37 weeks tomorrow!
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yay! have a great time!! and you're term tomorrow -- that's great!
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Ooh! Have fun! My best friends are having a small blessing for me today too. I didn't really invite many people, though, since i resisted the blessing in the first place I guess I feel weird about it since it's baby number 7. Anyway - I hope you have a blast!
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Have a wonderful time mama! It sounds like it will be a beautiful day & experience for you. I have my blessing way today at 4pm, I'm really excited for that. Savor the love mama.....
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That sounds super cool!! Post a picture of the henna belly if you get a chance!
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It sounds like you will have such a wonderful time! You've got too tell us all all about the shower, and what you got
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How exciting!

I had my blessingway on Saturday. It was awesome. I'll never want a traditional baby shower again. It was such a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It was great to only have people around me who cared about me and the baby and had no agendas. The ladies attending each brought beads with wishes to add to my birthing necklace that I made from the beads I received from you guys. And then they made a fresh flower wreath for my head, and they braided my hair and massaged my hands/feet. Um, painted rocks with inspirational messages on them for me to have around durning labor. Also, my friend Carlie took hemp and wraped it around each persons wrist as a demonstration of how we are all bound together. Then we cut the "cord" and tied these "bracelets" on our wrists and added a bead to be worn until the baby is here and the cord is cut.
I got a few nice gifts too. Some bath stuff...which is my fav! And one of my friends had some of her birth kit that she wasn't ablt to use, due to being transferred, that she gave me...I never thought I'd be so excited about chux pads!

Sorry, didn't mean to take over the thread. Just couldn't stop myself once I started. Guess you can tell I LOVED my blessingway. I am SOOO much more relaxed now that ever I was before Saturday Just hope it lasts until birth!

I was kinda bummed, we were going to henna my belly but we ran out of time. As it was the thing lasts 2 1/2 hours.

I hope everyone else, whether you're having a traditional shower or not, have a wonderful time!
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I can't wait to show you guys pictures of my henna'ed belly. It turned out so awesome!
I had a great time and got a lot of really meaningful thoughtful gifts. There were a few really nice handmade things, which I totally loved. Everyone really enjoyed watching the henna artist at work.
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Iknow for me,nothing touches my heart more, then when someone MAKES something with there own two hands for me. They are so full of care and love.. How wonderful too recieve gifts like that !
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At my shower last week, everyone painted a cotton onesie with awesome fabric paints. So now I have many personalized onesies of all sizes to use with my little guy when he comes. It was fun to have everyone busy painting while we visited and shared stories.
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