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I've read several posts about this exact problem. Since the crystal deodorants aren't antiperspirants, for some people their sweat reactivates the old BO in their clothing and makes their shirts smell.

One women posted that she found the perfect solution: she uses the Crystal Body stick for her underarms and then sprays the underarms of her clothes before she wears them w/the Crystal Body spray. She said that this combination completely eliminated the problem. You can read her tips at http://www.drugstore.com/products/pr...BUY-PLST-0-CAT. I personally haven't tried this, but it sounds like it would work. The spray only costs $3.59, so I was thinking about buying it. I figure I can also use the spray to keep my fiance's feet and shoes stink-free during the summer.

My personal tips are:
1. I pre-treat all of my shirts (even if they don't smell) with a baking soda paste before I toss them in my laundry hamper. I apply baking soda to a clean sponge (or you can use your hands), apply a little water to make a paste and thoroughly rub the inside and outside of the entire underarm of my shirt and then toss them in my hamper.
2. I also add baking soda to my laundry which completely deodorizes my laundry.
For liquid detergent-1/2 cup in the "rinse" cycle
For powder detergent-1/2 cup in the "wash" cycle
3. On hot and humid days, I sprinkle body powder on my underams after I apply my deodorant. This seems to keeps me and my shirts stink-free!

If you decide to try the crystal spray method, post back and let us know the results.
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Thanks for that Grrlsix... I will have a look at the spray and I think I have baking soda so will give that a go too... at moment I am spraying vinegar as soon as I take my tops off but a paste I think would be easier.
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I used to add vinegar to my rinse cycle when doing my laundry. But I stopped because sometimes there was a faint smell of vinegar left on my clothes. It did make my clothes really soft though.
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Awhile back, a women on another forum I belong to raved about the Benedetta deodorant. Her boyfriend worked at some spa that sold it and they both swore by it. I was thinking of trying it until I found out the price: $15.00 for less than 3 oz was too steep for me. It's nice to know that someone else highly recommends it as well.
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Originally Posted by yategirl View Post
What I am finding though is that my "pre-rock" clothes smell under the arms and I only have to wear them for a matter of minutes before the stink really starts Does anyone else do this or can anyone suggest anything else I can do? I have thrown a few tops out as I can't seem to get them "clean" becca
I found something better than the baking soda paste I previously recommended. Biokleen BAC-OUT Stain & Odor Eliminator. The BAC-OUT performs AMAZINGLY well in getting out perspiration odor in my clothing. I sprayed the underarms of all of my shirts and they now smell fresh. It even got rid of set in perspiration odor that had lingered on some of my dark colored and synthetic tops despite several washings with my other laundry detergent (Gain, ERA, ALL). It also eliminated the lingering scent that my "scented" deodorants left behind (i.e.Black Cedar Fig Funk Butter). This product is now officially added to my "MUST HAVE LIST!
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Originally Posted by yategirl View Post
being brave and jumping into thread for one of my first posts (am very much : )

I have been using "pitrock" for about 2-3 months now and I love it! I still get wet pits but I don't smell! It's ace!

OK ladies.... can I have your suggestions pls??? I started off using pitrock and was really really impressed until the hot muggy weather came.. I started to smell... I got some coconut oil and used that along side with the pitrock (shower, 20-30 rubs of pitrock while still wet then rubbing a pea sized amount of coconut oil into each armpit). Again the smell stopped BUT I realised that I was wearing sleeveless tops (veststyle). As soon as I put tops with sleeves covering my armpits on... I start to smell quickly (and these are clothes which are new or treated with baking soda paste to rid the material of bacterial smell - I got rid of the clothes I couldn't get the odour out of). SO... I tried using baking soda to gently wash my underarms and then as a "talc" after I had used my pitrock and before my coconut oil - ace! There is NO smell!!!! but the 2nd day I did this... I had sore pits on day 3 I omitted the baking soda wash and used it as a talc - I still had no smell but I was very sore...

Can anyone help?? I am resigned to being a sweaty person.. that is fine but I can't resign myself to being smelly and changing my tops frequently isn't always feasible plus creates lots of washing!!

TIA, Becca
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Is the problem that you're having smelly underarms or smelly clothing?

Baking soda is a great, inexpensive deodorizer! However, it can be irritating to the skin and many people posted on this thread that they experienced rashes, redness, peeling skin etc... after using it for a few days or so. They have to cut it with either cornstarch, coconut or another oil, shea butter etc... in order to prevent any irritation. I'm not sure if it is a good idea to apply the coconut oil on top of your crystal deodorant because it is an oil and may interfere with the film left by your crystal deodorant, thereby diminishing its effectiveness.

Maybe others can chime in with advise.
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Hi Grrlsix, thanks for your reply - it was a combination I think of both. BUT I have solved my problem!

I stopped shaving my arms (urgh I know!) but carried on with 1. washing with soap, 2. using crystal, 3. using bicarb and 4. smear of coconut oil - and it has been perfect! Every few days at the moment I shave and I do get irritation on those days but nothing like it was. I tried using the crystal and bicarb and I still smelt, bicarb and oil = smelly crystal and oil = smelly but all together = perfect!!

only downer is that the oil can leave a slight grease mark on my clothes even though I put it on as soon as I get out of the shower and then wait till I am dry, have done my hair etc and put all other clothes one before my top....

ah well.. can't have everything!
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Originally Posted by yategirl View Post

What I am finding though is that my "pre-rock" clothes smell under the arms and I only have to wear them for a matter of minutes before the stink really starts I have taken to spraying the armpits of tops with vinegar before washing and then adding vinegar to my wash - this does seem to help but it can take a few applications to really get rid of the bacteria.... Does anyone else do this or can anyone suggest anything else I can do? I have thrown a few tops out as I can't seem to get them "clean"

I use peroxide in the wash for problems like this. It's super cheap and I just liberally pour it in the washer. It works just the same as oxyclean but CHEAP...kills bacteria.
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Wouldn't the peroxide stain or bleach your clothing?
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Hmmm, I have one of those crystal sticks in my bathroom drawer. I used it and after a few days I smelled. I didn't know about a detox period. Right now I'm alternating days of homemade coconut oil/cornstarch/baking soda/shea butter (recipe is posted here somewhere from Hazelnut, I believe, only I cut the bs in half) and Secret. If I use the homemade stuff daily, even with only half the baking soda, I get irritated red bumps. Plus, I generally only get a shower every other day, so the Secret gets used on the non-shower days.

I'm almost out of Secret and I'd love to not buy more. I may try the crystal stick again and stick with it for longer than a few days. We're going to be joining a gym soon and I'll need a daily shower anyway, so the stick is worth a shot.
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You should definitely give the crystal stick a try again. If applied correctly, it is very effective in eliminating B.O. On me it provides an average of 10-12 hours deodorant protection-depending on how much sweating I'm doing. My only problem with the crystal is that because I'm a sweaty person, the underarms of my shirts sometimes swells like sweat-which is not cute.

I haven't gotten a chance to try Hazelnut's Homemade Funk Butter recipe yet (been too busy), so I can't comment on the irritation. But I'm still going to give it a shot using less baking soda. I wonder what ingredient is causing the irritation?
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I bought a mineral salt crystal at CVS : and hated it. I used it for about two weeks and my underarms were always wet & smelly. Now I just use plain baking soda and it works great.
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Which type of crystal deodorant did you use: The roll-on, spray, or rock/stick?
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