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Spotlight on MotherWren!! 1/14-1/16

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Argh..time is slipping away from me again. It is past time to turn the spotlight to MotherWren!!

So..tell us....

I love your user name. Does it have a special significance?
What are you doing to prepare your son for the new baby?
What is your favorite book?
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Oh my gosh! I didn't see this yesterday! Is it too late? I didn't realize I was actually signed up for this!
I'll answer anyway.
My user name; Wren is actually middle name, which is also a bird. I have a beautiful print of a pregnant wren. So she's a mother wren and so am I

Honestly I haven't done a whole lot to prepare the boy. I wanted to try him sleeping in his own bed and I even decorated a room for him. But I've never seen such a needy kid as when we tried that. And DH was even with him every night! So he's back with us and I'm concerned about that b/c we seem short on space for when the babe gets here.

I can't pinpoint one book but the Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz is one that has had a big impact on me and how I see the world.
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-Do you have an OTH job, or are you a SAHM?
-What are you most looking forward to with your new child?
-What's your favorite pasttime?
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Hi Jude!
I'm a SAHM but before that I did social work. No plans to go back any time soon
I think I am most looking forward to the sigh of relief that will come when she is here and healthy. I'm also very much looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.
My favorite past time would have to be reading, which I don't do much of these days I'm afraid. I do like to cook though and how could I forget shopping...maybe that should be top on the list actually
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So what have you been shopping for for the new baby?

Anything still on your list you need to get?

Anything you WANT to get but can't justify?

What kind of social work did you do?
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Well I haven't done a whole lot of shopping but I did just get a bunch of cute clothes from Under the Nile. I didn't do a nursery or anything since we co-sleep anyway but my MIL just bought us a changing table/dresser. It's all I wanted, just to get a little layette set up for her.

I'd love to do a girls room but I'll wait until she's older. I don't have any diapers yet because I'm trying to decide whether or not to do the G diapers.

They just grow so rapidly when they are that little and it's hard to spend the money for that reason.

I acted as an advocate for people with Developmental Disabilities. It was meaningful but paid practically nothing for a LOT of work.

Thanks for asking questions you guys
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Hi Mother Wren!
What's your favorite food?
Where is your dream destination, and who would you take with you?
What are you most excited about in having this little girl baby come into your life?
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Hi swtmama2be

Well let's see. It's hard to pick one food! I'm really into Thai food right now! I made shrimp Pad Thai on Saturday and it came out fantastic.

My dream destination is Wales.

That last question is hard! I really am starting to get excited but it's hard to pinpoint why. Thank you for asking because it's really making me think. I think I am excited for things that I don't even know about yet. I don't know what it's like to have a girl but I know that my life will be enriched in ways that I can't even fathom right now. I'm looking forward to learning those ways. I'm looking forward to the happy surprises.
I love her now, but you know that overwhelming feeling of love that you get when you lay eyes on your child for the first time? I'm looking forward to that!
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What kind of diapers did you use for Jackson?

Why are you thinking about going with the G diapers?

mmm Thai food... I want some green curry and pad thai!
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I used Fuzzibunz for Jackson and I loved them but as he got bigger (he's 36.5 lbs) and a very heavy wetter, I had a hard time because I had to stuff them so full that his clothes wouldn't fit anymore. Worse than that though was the fact that I could not for the life of me get the inserts clean enough. I always used gentle, unscented detergent, then tried the fragrant stuff just to get the smell out which still didn't work and I actually went right to bleach! But that didn't even work! I mean they were clean but there was still an odor. Not to mention at that point I didn't want them on his skin anymore. Sooo that's my long winded way of saying that I'm considering the G diapers because the inserts are flushable. I'm sure a lot of people would have a problem with that but it's those or the disposables at this point.
Don't ask me what my son consumed that was so pungent lol. I have no idea! Probably something I ate since he was breastfed the whole time.
Maybe Thai food lol!
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How are you feeling?
What will you miss the most about being pregnant?
Any guesses on when this baby will make her debut?
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Lol I just realized the dates on this thing. Pregnancy brain strikes again!

Anyway, I'm feeling ok. This little girl is much more gentle in there that her big brother was! I'm having the usual late pregnancy aches, pains and fatigue but thats ok.
I think if I'll miss anything about being pregnant it will be just the fact that she is contained and safe in there and that eventually I will have to let her out into the world that I can't control. Also I can take naps now. Not sure if having 2 will afford that for me. I love my naps!
On the other hand I'm having so much anxiety about her being ok in there and possible complications during l&d that I just want to get it over with. KWIM?
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