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Hbac in 2 hours!!

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Yes, it was quite a shock. I delivered our baby boy at 2:15am after waking up at 1:15am thinking something was wrong. (didn't recognize labour) Got DH up at 1:25 (3 contractions later) and had him page the midwife by 1:40.

This was on January 13th.

I felt pressure really soon and the midwives weren't there yet...Mom said "You can't push yet, it's the baby." Happily the midwives arrived within minutes (they live next door) and did manage to set up by the time the baby arrived.

He was born in his bag of waters, almost...they popped just as he crowned. I tore as his shoulders came out as he did not get to turn all the way. He is 8lbs, 13oz.:

The hardest part was being stitched up afterwards.

DS1 and DH just got home from swimming, so I hope to post more later.

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Congratulations Mama! Welcome baby Do you have a name yet? It's a good thing you planned a home birth with midwives that live close by! I would have been in trouble, I've got a 45 minute drive to the hospital (if there is no snow), so for me it would have been a UC! Congratulations!
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Congratulations and welcome to baby!! Sounds like a great birth, congratulations on your HBAC!
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Welcome baby! Congrats, mama, on your speedy labor and for getting your HBAC. Hope everyone is doing well
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Congratulations! Sounds like it was an amazing experience! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Congrats on your babe and on the HBAC!!!
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Congratulations! I can't wait for a name and pictures!!
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congratulations! I'll send healing thoughts your way. Have you seen the recipes for the herbal sitz baths that were posted? They seem to be really helping me.
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WOW! That was so fast. It sounds like it was just beautiful! Please post more details when you can.

Happy babymoon!!
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congrats and speedy healing!
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Update - by DH

Perfect Birth,

Julia and I had a wonderful birth experience that I wanted to share with everyone; perfect in a complete way including the event leading up to the birth and following it.

On the day of the birth I felt very inspired to go on a “date” with Julia, a dinner (using a gift card from Lee) and a movie (a ticket Vanya left us). Julia’s mother, Eileen, would mind Julian.

The dinner was at WhiteSpot where Julia had a tasty rice dish and I had a Burger. While we were ordering Julia had wanted to get deep fried Zucchini, but I was reluctant to get a whole order of them, however, to my great satisfaction I discovered that one of the burger platters included a few deep fried Zucchini so I ordered that one! The dinner was nice, and Julia’s belly was “cramping a bit from time to time.”

Next we waddled over to the movie theater, across the ice and show. From the web site we were not sure what movie we wanted to watch. Julia had here eye on an action movie, but I wanted something softer. When inside we noticed a poster for a movie called “The Holiday” and when we asked the cashier she said she had watched it twice and loved it. I was very happy to watch this romantic comedy about people who switched homes with each other, found love and changed their lives. Julia had a few uncomfortable belly contractions during the movie and went to the washroom 3 times.

Afterwards we came home and did the bedtime routine, which went very well. Eileen had fed Julian quite a bit at the right time (I usually feed him to close to his bed time, so he isn’t quite ready while we are putting him to bed). Thanks to the timing of the dinner and the amount of playing he did during the day, he went to bed easily and did not wake up until the next morning.

Julia and I got to bed around 10:00 after Julia had gone to the bathroom several times again, and we both slept until just after 1:00 at which time Julia announced that she could not sleep and was going to the washroom (again!). A few minutes later at 1:15 she announced that it was time to page the midwifes.

Diligently, I timed 3 contractions to ensure that they were less than 4 minutes apart and longer than 40 seconds (they were 2 minutes apart and about 50 seconds). Seemed like they were pretty close for early Labour, I thought. I paged the midwifes and Raphael (wonderful student midwife) returned my call momentarily, wanted to hear two contractions and then said she would be right over along with Cathy.

Pretty exciting, this was it… We were “going live”, “this is not a drill,” “sound the klaxons,” “red alert,” “battle stations” and all that.

Next we woke up Eileen, and I started filling the pool. I was getting pretty excited but I didn’t know what to do really. But I was starting to wake up and I realized the most important thing would be to try a few things with Julia during the early Labour so that I could discover what works for late Labour (better to figure it out early).

Three or four hours later, the midwifes arrived (possibly there was some time psychological time dilation?), and I was sure glad to see them. The 4 door commute couldn’t have slowed them down that much.

When the midwifes arrived Julia was on the Toilet (again), and she was beginning to realize that she did not actually need to “go” at all, that that it was really something else that was going on.

At this time Julia was saying things like “If we go to the hospital now, we are not coming back I will stay for the epidural” and “I think that I would prefer a C-Section,” and “next time we will adopt” (she didn’t say much after this, during the pushing). Later Cathy commented that this was a clue for her that Julia was not in early Labour, but more advanced.

After a few minutes Raphael checked Julia to see how she was doing. I didn’t really pick up on it at the time, but moments after that Cathy zipped out to get the big midwife kit which she began to setup and Carolyn was called, and arrived quite quickly. I hadn’t keyed in yet that this was not early Labour.

Julia moved into the study, to Labour on giant foam block / couch that was a castoff from the Common House Playroom that I had grabbed. Cathy was setting up her stuff, and Julia and I were face to face while she squeezed my hands / figures during contractions. She was doing really well (remembering to breath, relaxing between contractions, in the moment, etc) and I was focusing on helping her to remember to breath through the contractions, relax between them and stay in her body.

Presently, someone says, “No Yonas, she should not breathe through these contractions. Let her push.”

Huh? Push. Why would anyone do that in early Labour. Click, click whirr.


Well, the rest they say is history (and a lot of work for Julia). At 3:15 we had our new baby boy, only 2 hours after we had begun.

An interesting thing is that the baby was born inside the bag of waters, “in the caul,” which was good as it minimized the baby’s exposure to Group B Strep.

It would have been better for Julia if our new baby’s shoulders had been vertical, but they came out horizontal which lead to a few stitches for Julia.

Julia hardly said 50 words throughout the two hour process.

Along came the placenta and cutting the cord. I found this to be a little dull, as I was coming down off the rollercoaster and for me it was mainly standing around and watching Julia hold the baby. It seemed to take a long time for the placenta to arrive.

Next, Cathy spent about an hour sewing… Only part of the hour was sewing, there was considerable setup and tear down time. Needless to say this was very unpleasant for Julia, but a blessing for me. I got to spend a full hour with the new baby in my arms. It was during this hour that I called our Family and Nyjal, Andrea and Amber to announce our new Bundle of Joy!

Once Julia was all patched up, things switched gears. We went though a bunch of information, paperwork was filled out and we were whisked off to bed while out team of midwifes finished packing their stuff and cleaning (and counting, I noticed) the various bits of used medical products.

After some jokes, about how surprised Julian would be when he woke up with three instead of two in the bed, we fell asleep.

For an entire hour!

Then the event we were joking about occurred, Julian woke up and crawled over me to meet mommy. Who put the baby behind her and spent a few minutes explaining that the baby was out of her tummy and that Julian had a baby brother.

Well, now it’s off to the library to get a name book.

Life is good, for me, my proud mommy and two boys as I look towards four months of Paternity leave.

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Wow, how fast! Enjoy your new baby and recover well from those stiches, mama. I'm doing the same--peri bottles and sitz baths all the way!
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What a story! Thanks for sharing it with us. KUP on the baby's name.
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