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Hip pain from sleeping on my side... help?

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Ok I'm pretty sure this isn't my sciatic nerve acting up, because occasionally I get that too, and it runs along my behind and thigh in the back... this is pain directly in my hip 'socket' area (is that the right term) and sometimes it involves the knee as well.

I can't sleep on my tummy or back anymore, not comfy... so I sleep on one side, with a pillow in between my legs, sometimes stretched out so my legs aren't on top of each other, sometimes with my legs on top of each other.

I *constantly* wake up with whatever hip I'm lying on HURTING! Sort of a bruised, muscle-y ache. And when I finally get up for the day, my right hip and knee hurt. Sometimes only for an hour or two, sometimes all day long.

I asked my Nurse-Practioner about it and she said 'arthritis' : I think its FAR more likely this has to do with my pregnancy. I mean yes, 25 year olds CAN get arthritis, but ah, just guessing the odds are its pregnancy... I'll ask my midwives about it as well at my appt on the 19th, but I was wondering if anyone here has any help to offer?

I am currently going to a chiropractor, hoping that will help (but going for a diff. reason) and heat packs will help my knee... But any other suggestions? Ways to alleviate the pain, or maybe ideas of how to sleep differently (I am so at a loss on this one)...

Thanks so much for any help!
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I had a similar pain when sleeping on my side for the first baby, and am just starting to experience it now (due in Sept.), but the only comfortable way I could sleep in the end was in the recliner in a semi-sitting, semi-laying down position.
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I was going to suggest a pillow between the legs, but you're already doing that. Maybe try a few different pilows? I ended up prefering this really flat one that I never thought would work. If you want to try a body pillow (get the flatter kind, the round 'bolster' kind are just too round) that may also work, you can usually find them for about $10 at Fred Meyer-type stores.

I have also found that I just have to alternate sides when I sleep so one side does'nt get any more sore then the other.

I doubt that this is 'arthritis' per se, you are far enough along that you're going to start getting loose and this is a side effect of that. My pelvis is so loose right now that it hurts to roll over in bed, I've been sleeping in a recliner the last few nights. I have also found St. John's Wort to be helpful for the nerve pain, when I missed a few days I was a lot achier then before. Also, if you have access to a hot tub I would try that for the pain, it should loosen you up so that you're not hurting. If that's not possible, there's always hot baths and showers.

Have I mentioned how much I love hot showers?

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I'd recommend chiropractics and also do not believe it's arthritis.

It's really good to be sleeping on your left side for more chances for your baby to be in good birthing position, so I'd avoid the lounger type chairs for reclining, for sure. As you get closer to your baby choosing the position and engaging, you want to make sure that his spine will not drift toward yours, as is likely with much time in that recliner type chair, or bucket seats.

I found chiropractics so helpful with my first pregnancy and kept me from back pain from start to finish!
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thanks for the ideas! Yes the chiropractor seems to already be helpful, but I've only had 4 adjustments so far, and they are more for my neck/upper back than lower, but its already helping my headaches out! Yeah!

I do hot baths or showers, that does help...

And I switch sides *constantly* while I'm in bed. Whenever I wake up, I switch. Between peeing, my Dh snoring me awake, my arms falling asleep (carpel tunnel), and pain in my hip, I'm rolling around oh 10+ times or so within my sleeping time. Makes for little good sleep though.

I know the left side is supposed to be the best side to sleep on, but I can't stay on one side for very long at all. So I figure any side is better than flat on my back at this point!

I'll have to play around with my pillows... I'm such a pillow queen. We have 10 normal pillows on our bed (mostly flat ones), I've got two body pillows and some squishy bolster types. Right now I'm using a flat as a pancake pillow for my legs. I'll play around with some different ones and see if something helps better...
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You can also lie on your back, with a small pillow under one hip, so the inferior vena cava (the major artery behind your uterus) isn't compressed.

I've had clients adjust their pillows, too, so they're sleeping on their stomach, with their belly surrounded by pillows. Sometimes this is alot of work, though.

Chiro appts do help alot. So does massage - your partner should be massaging you nightly (LOL!)....
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Mmmmmm massage... lemme see if I can convince him to do that nightly! *Drool*

Thanks for the advice on my back... I'm just not much of a back sleeper, never have been... I do a sorta on side/sorta on back thing now though, and a pillow might help that positon. I'll try it out

I passed out on the couch here for 2 hours, and it looks like sleeping on the couch doesn't hurt (at least for a smaller nap)... I just wish the fabric wasn't so cozy cuz it gets sweaty and I can't stand to sleep on the couch for long cuz I get so darn hot! But it was nice to get a nap in that I slept all the way thru... I guess my body is preparing me for sleep deprivation once baby arrives! :LOL
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I know exactly what you're talking about! I don't know what i would do without my chiropractor! We've already maxed out our insurance benefits for the year, but he's promised to keep seeing me as much as I need for the rest of this pregnancy.

I sleep on my side most of the time. I have a body pillow that I hug, that then props up my belly and goes in between my legs. I put a flat-ish pillow undeneath my back so that all the weight doesn't go directly on my hip- I can kind of shift my weight back and forth. Sometimes, when my hips get super sore, I end up laying almost on my back, propped up on the body pillow- at least that way, the hips don't take all the pressure.

Good luck- I hope you can get some comfortable sleep! And I ended up on the couch last night too!
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Orthopedic foam

Go to Bed Bath and Beyond or a similar store and buy an orthopedic foam pad, one of those egg-crate looking thingies that goes under the fitted sheet on top of the mattress....it helps enormously by taking the pressure off pressure points. Get the nicest one you can afford (I don't think they're that expensive). Open it up and air it out thoroughly before you put the fitted sheet over it, as they can be really stinky.

I love love love orthopedic foam!
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Ok this is so funny, but its helping so I thought I'd post about it!

My hips are feeling SO much better since I've been doing this quite silly and funny thing...

First off, my friend bought me a huge sheepskin covered pillow errr DOG bed for christmas. She got it for me because one day at Costco I was saying they looked squishy and comfy and it'd proably be a great floor pillow to play video games on. :LOL

So 3 nights ago, when even my VERY soft double pillow top mattress hurt to lay on... I took the lovely pillow/dog bed (and no a doggie has never used it...), wrapped it in a sheet, and laid on it... propped enough pillow up so I had a pillow pile right up top, then huge dog bed, and only my legs from the knees hang off. OMG its SO comfy!!! I can lay on my tummy without laying funny and not squish myself too! Woo! Only drawback is our bed is SO high already, and with this huge pillow on top I have to *launch* my butt into bed at night (or crawl over from Dh's side). Honestly, standing beside the bed, the top of the pillow comes up to the underside of my breasts (I am 5'5').

But its sooooooooooo worth it! Still have little twinges here and there, but Mmmmm its SO much better!!
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I got kind of a pinched nerve feeling in my hip bone when I would lay on it. It just felt like my bone was pressing on nerve, and I got some numbness and a needle like pain. I used various pillows to try and help. Right now I'm still sleeping on my stomach mostly. When I sleep on my side, I notice that I get that pinched feeling in the top hip, not the one I'm lying on. Maybe I need a better pillow between my legs. Your doggie pillow sounds like a great idea.
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