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I've been in labor since Thursday...

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I started having painful contractions 2-3 minutes apart on Thursday evening. By Friday, I was bleeding and the contrax were getting harder. I called my OB and he had me go to L & D. I was/am 3cm and the contrax were on-the-dot consistant and off the charts - they were reading in the 150s to 180s. After four hours, they sent me home because I wasn't dilating...

I'm so frustrated because a) my OB never even came to check me and b) because I'm STILL at it. I never dilated past 3cm with DS#1 and I'm afraid I won't with this one. And how good is it for the baby to be going through this for 5 days now? I'm worried it is stressing him too much.

I just want it to either STOP for now or do SOMETHING progressive.

I have an app't at 1:30 today, but I just know they won't give me any advice or suggestions...WHY did I not just change OBs?

(I don't want to be induced, but I am worried about how long I've been doing this...contracting so hard sometimes every 30 seconds...and what it is doing to the baby.)
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I have no advice I hope someone does!
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Do your best to rest and relax as much as possible. It is very common for mommas to have prodromal labor for days/weeks before baby is ready to be born. The baby shouldn't be stressed out from the contractions. Are you feeling movement and keeping yourself hydrated/fed??? That is very important.

If something doesn't feel right to you, trust your instincts. Some babies just take a bit longer in the early stage to efface/dilate & then start active labor quickly & very efficiently.

Keep us posted.
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Take good care of yourself eat really good food and if you are exhausted drink a glass of wine and take a hot bath and rest. You don't want to push it if its not ready.
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have you checked your cervix? i keep checking mine and it's high and firm... usually after the first baby comes, these kinds of contractions are cervical changing contractions... which is a good thing. that's what makes your later labors shorter.

also, did they check you for a UTI? sometimes a UTI can cause painful contractions.

otherwise, rest and drink lots of water.
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I have checked my cervix - it lower and soft, but still has a thicker rim in the front. I think I am at 5cm, though I thought it felt like that when they said just 3...so I don't think I have changed any...and they're more experienced at checking, so I probably am a 3...alas...

Thanks for all of the advice and info. mamas! I am going to try and take it easy and drink tons. I don't want to rush things either, but I was so worried about how this was affecting the wee one.
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No good advice, but I remember having contrax for about 2 weeks before I was induced with ds 1.
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No advise for you since in 3 pregnancies Ihave been induced each time, but wanted too send you some HUGS!! Hopefully something willhappen reallysoon.
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Sounds like you have gotten some great advice! I just wanted to offer you a It sure can be hard to have contractions for so long without progress. I hope you are able to plod along and start having some cervical changes soon!
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