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I really am NOT in a hurry for baby to be here

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Anyone else feel like this? This is probably our last pregnancy & I am really enjoying it. I am one of those lucky women who didn't have morning sickness, am pretty healthy & love being pregnant (well, overall).

I really am sad that I only have 3 or so more weeks to go. I am looking forward to the birth and experiencing that whole amazing miracle again, but knowing it may be our last...it is so bittersweet.
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I'm not really either, I mean, I'm sick of being pregnant and I wouldn't say that I am enjoying it, it's definitely easier than the last one, but I am getting tired of the end stuff! I alternate between being sad that my son is going to have to share me now, and that our days of it just being the two (three with DH) of us are numbered. Then I start dreading it especially when DS is being impossible and he is making me so exhausted, then I have to care for a newborn on top of it all?

One thing I am REALLY looking forward to is having milk for DS again. By the end of the summer it was pretty much gone and he was nowhere near ready for that. Of course I know how deeply I will fall in love with the baby, that part will be wonderful too. It's just that I know it will be harder for a while, and I am so tired that it makes me more tired thinking about it!
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I am really not ready. And it's hard because I have higher odds of going early, so I've been a little uptight since, oh I don't know, 24 wks!

I hate being inside of a 'high risk' pregnancy when I feel perfectly fine and healthy and never want to go to another appt again.

I visit as many sites and read as much as I can about happy, healthy, perfectly normal twin FULL-TERM births. It's al I have to keep me sane and keep the docs from brainwashing me.

Why am I not ready? I dunno. My list is hard to finish since everything takes me twice as long from being out of breath or just needing a rest. And then of course there's all the adding onto the list fun. Like now I have to send thank you cards for my shower. Sigh.
I'm also not ready to completely be immersed in two hour cycles of living for who knows how long. I have been getting 8.5 hours of sleep every night : , so I'm not ready at all for THAT!
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I'm not is as much of a hurry as I thought I would be...I don't mind being pregnant, I generally have an easy time, and we are pretty sure that this will be our last so I'm a little sad about not having that baby growing miracle again. I have also been really trying to enjoy these last few weeks, days, hours (who knows) of dd being my only baby. She is still so young, and this will be such a huge change for her.

On the other hand, I am daydreaming about my baby, and am SO excited to meet him.
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Well this is actually the first one that I even wanted to come early but that is just because of the pain and how hard this pg has been. Now I want to go to at least my due date because I am not ready!! I haven't done a single thing to get ready for the baby yet. Not to mention this could be our last one too. I need to keep reminding myself of that and enjoying these last few weeks!
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I am not in a hurry, either. I'm enjoying being pregnant and getting lots of sleep every night. I loved washing the baby's clothes a few weeks ago, and we just set up a new big bed for our ds who will be 3 in a few weeks. He's so much fun, and I suppose I'm a little apprehensive about how this will change our day-to-day life. I know it will be great, though!
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I'm in no hurry either. I hit 38 weeks in a couple days. This pregnancy has been tough though, and lately I've been getting more miserable, but having a newborn will be tough too - so 6 of one, half dozen of the other, ya know? My dd is ready for the baby to come *tomorrow!* but I tell her I'd like to spend more time doing special things, just her and me before the baby gets here. I'd like to manage a couple dates with dh too. I still feel like I've got things I want to have done before the baby gets here, but I'm starting to let go of some of them I think, lol. It's just such a family change, I haven't any inclination to rush it. And I haven't spent that much time thinking about the actual birth part - don't know if I'm quite ready for that either
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my little guy can stay in as long as he wants! the more time i have to finish school the better!
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I agree. This has been a hard pregnancy but I am not ready yet. My dh's grad class has had him stressed beyond belief. Outside of work he spends a little time playing with dd and does a few chores around here and then spends all his evening and weekend time doing homework and studying. If he misses 20 points in this class, he'll have to take it again and he won't get his masters this spring and we won't get the much needed raise. Just a LEEEEEETLE stressful here.

I'm basically viewing the house, family, and childcare as 100% up to me for the next few months. It's a lot to handle with a newborn. I also have a business but have not taken on any projects for a while here with everything going on.

Even without all that - I really want the baby to be atleast 37 and preferrably 38 weeks - just more time for those lungs and everything to be well developed.
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