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Whos left that's still pg?

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Not that I am not thrilled for the non preggo's (truth is I am really jealous). Who's left besides me? Do you think your baby will come soon?
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my baby is never coming out, she has taken up permanent residence in there

41w today :
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mee tooo.
I'm so excited for all the mamas that are holding their little ones now but can't help feeling a little jealous and left out. Mostly because I can't sleep, can't breath, can't walk, pee every 1 hour at night, ...etc.
I'll be 40wks tomorrow....and all my others went two weeks overdue so I have no right getting worked up but I am SO ready to have this baby.
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I'm here. 39 weeks now, and ready to be done anytime! I've been having contractions off and on for about a week. Had a dream last night that my water broke. It was so realistic that I thought for sure that I had at least wet the bed or something, lol. Sadly nothing had happened. Here's to labor coming soon for all of us!
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I have 2 weeks and 2 days to go! I thinks she will be late though...I am working until a few days before, (luckily, I just need my laptop and phone so I can work from couch), and I find that helps the time go by.

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I'm here, my EDD was yesterday, but since they changed it later in the game I'm not too surprised. I don't know when this baby will make an appearance, but I am grateful for the opportunity to get myself and my family healthy again before baby arrives cause we've all had a lingering cold for a few weeks now.
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"still here" Yup! My EDD is Wednesday, but I fully expect to be pregnant for a while yet. Not that last night wasn't horribly uncomfortable. Can't wait to hold this little one!
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My EDD isnt till the 25th, so yeah. I've been having so much prelabor though, I dont think I'm going to make it. And now my favorite mw is back from a short trip so I am emotionally good to go too! I was really hoping baby would come this morning, or at least sometime today, since my kids are off school and its easy for me to find a sitter today and not worry about pickup and dropoff issues. I even tried out the breastpump this morning around 5 when I couldnt sleep. No luck though.

C'mon out babies! We're ready for you!
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I'm here too! My due date isn't until the 27th, so I have time. Just trying to enjoy what is left of my very last pregnancy! (Easier said than done with all of these contractions and aches!)
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My partner is still pregnant and we both hope she stays that way for at least another week or so. She's working until Thursday and not due until next week - both of us want her to have some down time before the new baby arrives.
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I'm still here. Due the 25th, but have been in prodromal hell for about 2 weeks. Will this ever end???? I have a 3rd CS scheduled for my due date, but hopefully she'll decide to come out before then so I can have my UC VBAC. Although at this point I'm about ready to head off to the hospital for an epidural to make the pain stop...
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I'm still here and probably will be for a couple more weeks I'm guessing. I'm 38wks & 4days, and I usually go over about a week. I can tell my BH are changing over to more menstrual type cramps and happening more frequently, but that's about it so far. It would be kind of nice to not go past my due date, but we'll see...
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Hello all!

Still here as well. My dates are today-Wednesday depending on which wheel, which ultrasound, etc. All nonsense if you ask me today. I'm feeling FINE (except for a lot of difficulty walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night) and so I am not thinking the birth will happen any time soon. I feel like I could go another couple of weeks, except I am hoping to VBAC and I have it in my head that my odds are better if s/he comes sooner than later (DD was STUCK, STUCK after four hours of pushing and she was two weeks early and only 7lb4oz). Ahhh.... the mind games continue....

Soon we will be holding our new babes and rubbing our own tired eyes!

Can't wait to read all the upcoming birth story threads!
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Still pregnant here, too. Due date is saturday. I feel different since yesterday in some nebulous, indescribable way, but no labor-like anything to speak of. I'm ready anytime.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to shovel snow this morning thinking that worse case scenario was that it put me into labor. Nope, worse case scenario is that it doesn't put me into labor, just makes me so uncomfortable that I'm hurting for the rest of the day
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I am 38 weeks and due on the 28th but I am already 5cm dilated, so hopefully soon.
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I dont post much here, but am "due" on 1/31. Obviously, Im still waiting around. As of Jan. 5, I was 2cm, 80% and -2. Doc didnt think Id make it to my last appt (last Friday), but I did and he didnt check me, which was somewhat disappointing.

Even though I still have 16 days left, Im ready. Baby already feels like hes soooo low.
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I'm here, too. Due on the 25th. I've been having so much prodromal labor, I keep thinking "is this it?" That part is kind of hard, but I think it will all make labor much quicker. DS's whole labor was 6 hrs.

My mother and sister will be here on Saturday, so I hope that will be the day! Saturday evening/Sunday morning.

DS was born on a Saturday. Does anyone remember that poem --

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child works hard for a living
Saturday's child is loving and giving
But the child that is born on the Sabbath day,
is healthy, wealthy, happy and gay.
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Today's my due date...well, one of my due dates...the calendar-based date is Jan. 26, but the ultrasound and my ovulation chart said today. I've been having irregular ctx since New Year's Eve, and this morning lost my mucus plug. I sure hope it's not much longer, but I have a feeling I should've joined the Feb. DDC instead!
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39 weeks and counting. Lots of prelabor stuff going on with my body such as contractions and cramps. I'm hoping for something this week.
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Still here. Technically due Saturday, but I really don't have any visions of actually having a child by then. The doc. thinks he's inducing me at 41 wks (b/c he has a convention in Texas), but he's got another think coming... Given my family history, no one's inducing me until I'm at least 42 wks. And even then, they're gonna have to convince me I'm putting my child in grave danger.

I grow more and more jealous every time I log on and see another cute baby picture
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