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yep, I'm here too! Due sunday....but wishing for sooner. i'm not sure this little one can sit any lower without busting out! best of luck to all of you.
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Still here! I'm a week overdue today, and very surprised to still be pregnant, since my first was only a week late. I was expecting this baby to come sometime last week!

Oh, well -- it'll come when it comes.
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Yup, still here. Due date Thursday, but since ds was a week early, I had high hopes for this one following suit....and the midwives think the babe is BIG, and I'm having lots of prodromal labor stuff, cx and cramps, lots of mucus, and I'm exhausted and ready...Birth tub set up in the living room. Yummy milk out here, babies...c'mon, c'mon!!!
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My due date was today, and no baby yet! Yesterday we went in because I was having hard contractions one minute long, one minute apart- and then when we got to the waterbirth center, they stopped! Then they did a cervical check when we left and I was just two centimeters. Sigh. Had some bloody show this morning (probably as a result of the cervical exam), but I'm not expecting her to show up anytime soon. My hubby and I have a bet going on- he says today or tomorrow, I say next weekend!
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I'm still here. My due date is the 24th. I think I might go all the way, but would love to have her this weekend! :
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I'm still here! I've been using a due date of 1/17 (earliest u/s indicated date) but have been given dates that range from 1/9 to 1/20. DD was 11 days past her date on LMP, 6 days past her u/s indicated due date. Figuring that I was just about on for the average 8 days overdue for a first time mom, I figure around 3 days late for the second.

I've had lots of cx, every night they start up and get regular just to die down over night. I've also lost alot of mucus. I just broked down and had a good cry. I really thought I would go early this time, I was measuring ahead, u/s was ahead, but no. I'm hoping soon. I just feel different- flu-ey and yucky today. I told Dh I feel like a cat, I just want to curl up in a closet and be alone to birth my babe in peace.
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Me, but my edd is Jan 31st!
I usually have my babies early, so I'm expecting that this weekend or week following will be it. I like it to be this week, but I don't think that is going to happen.
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Due on the 27th. Don't feel like I'm going to be giving birth this month, though.
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I'm still waiting, but I'm not due until the 25th. I'm just so excited to meet this little one, I hope she hurries.
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Still here. Had a few hours of contractions this morning, but baby changed his/her mind. :P

My EDD isn't until 1/29, but it would be nice to have the birth a little earlier so we don't end up with another 10+ lb baby. I was hoping with the new snowfall this morning that it would continue. Sigh.
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Would someone please explain...

Oooops...meant to start a new post
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Originally Posted by gamecaco4 View Post
I dont post much here, but am "due" on 1/31. Obviously, Im still waiting around. As of Jan. 5, I was 2cm, 80% and -2. Doc didnt think Id make it to my last appt (last Friday), but I did and he didnt check me, which was somewhat disappointing.

Even though I still have 16 days left, Im ready. Baby already feels like hes soooo low.
Ooh same due date here. Had an appt today, am 4 and a half cm's 80% not sure what station, it was -2 last time, but doc says he's lower so hopefully soon. She even stripped my membranes which hurt like hell. Can't wait to meet our little guy though, so hopefully it will be soon.
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I am still here. My EDD varys from Jan 26 to Feb 4
I think it will be a soon. Having cx for a week and my cervics is softening I only self checked my MW hasn't yet.
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Well, it's official! I am 40wks in about 50 minutes. Don't think I am going to have a baby in that time! I had a strong stretch, about an hour and a half, of real cx. They varied from 2 to 7 minutes apart and were STRONG. I really thought that the time had come! Sent DH with DD to gymnastics, and sent along her overnight bag for IL's. Then the cx stopped. Just stopped. All done. That was about 6 hours ago. DH is predicting this will be a due date baby. We'll see... I'm skeptical! Good luck to the rest of you!
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I don't post here very often but have been reading along for a while. I'm due the 24th and hope baby waits until then. My mum's coming up here on the 31st, so I'd like to have a nice familymoon before she gets here and then relish in her pampering! MIL comes after....not so sure about that one! Dr. hasn't done an internal. He said he doesn't like to unless labour is imminent. From the outside he can tell that the baby's dropped a bit though.
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Just a bit of a bump for this thread.

I'm still here... now officially overdue... and slightly losing patience. I see newborns EVERYWHERE and I'm really weepy. Can't wait to meet you, Baby J!!!
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Me too. Sigh...I'm not even due yet, but DANG, I'm so impatient!!!
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I was wondering where this thread was as all of them seem to be birth announcements that make me : for myself. 39w1d so 6 days to go, but I've had issues with ctxs, etc. from 23w5d on and thought I'd go a bit early this time. Oh well....I'm surviving at the moment
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Still here too. I'm 40 wk tomorrow. Had my appt yesterday & I was just shy of 2 cm and my cervix was *very* soft, but that's about it. Having a few mild contractions every evening, but not a lot going on in that area either. Didn't have a lot of contractions, show, or dilating before DD1 either though. Pretty much just *bam* into labor & 24 hrs there was a baby.

I was 41 wks exactly with DD1, but that was with doing a castor oil induction the day before because they were getting ready to induce me. No real feeling about how long I'll be with this one. Just trying to be patient (hahahahaha) and let her come when she's ready. I had no complaints about the castor oil induction honestly, but I'm really trying to be patient & hold off since it's obviously better to let her come on her own timetable...

Midwife said yesterday she'd be suprised if they saw me at my appt next Tuesday, but we all know how much that means.... She did say she'll strip my membranes if I havn't gone by the next appt.

Oh, well, at least she's giving DD & I a chance to get over our colds before she arrives. :

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still cookin' over here. due on the 27th. DD was born exactly one week before her edd, but i think this one is going to stay in there a while. have no idea if i'm dilated, effaced, or anything else. i don't want to know, cuz i'll just be disappointed.

next full moon isn't until feb 2....
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