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Breech again

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Can someone please duct tape this baby head down? I'm 37 weeks now, so it's about time to decide to stay down... *nudge baby*

This whole up/down/up/down thing is driving me nuts, nevermind how uncomfy it is to have feet sticking out the sides of my hips!

Really missing the butt and feet in my ribs too, breathing is hard with a head in the way!
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I'll be 37 wks tomorrow and you're not alone...mine puts his head in or on my ribs and it HURTS!!! Last night I walked around with a frozen bag of raspberries on that spot, and he still wouldn't move!

I crawled around on the floor a lot, and still nothing happened.

It's getting frustrating, not to mention a tad worrisome.
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Ya know a week ago I would have loved for my son too stay breech, but since he is head down NOW.. He seems too be a flipper and a flopper, so he better stay down.. I feel MUCH more relief.. Hoping your peanut turns for you!!
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Up, down, up, down...

My dd went head down and stayed there.. from like 30 weeks on... so this is just odd to me

Anyhow, midwife and I decided that maybe baby was trying to communicate to us, so we called the u/s tech.. who came to my house.. which is pretty darn nifty.

I feel like silly mainstream mom, I have my little printout pic and got to see arms and legs and face, and I'm darn giddy by it all. I didn't want any u/s this pregnancy, but now that it's done, and everything is good (placenta good, cord is long, all body parts working, etc) it's a nice sigh of relief..

I'm ok with pushing out a breech baby KNOWING it's just a stubborn babe, though I'd prefer head down myself... and this one went head down on the way to the chiro after I posted this morning, so u/s dude confirmed that, hopefully it'll stick now.

*duct tape to baby head* I figure I've got 0-6 weeks left, right?
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My baby is completely transverse. I keep trying to talk to her and tell her to get into position for an easy birth (ha!), and I do the stretches and exercises, but she is not budging. I thought getting kicked in the ribs by DS was bad, but it's even worse when you have a huge round back up against your lungs, and when the baby stretches out I feel feet by my right ribs and fingers down by my left hip. :

Turn, babies, turn!!! Sending Head-Down vibes your way, Mamas...
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I am with you on the transverse, actually the last u/s showed her between transverse and breech. She had been transverse with head the opposite side. I have tried many things and so far nothing. (manual moving, exercise, acupuncture and talking to baby)
My doctor wants to do a scheduled C if she has not turned by the 25th. DD#1 was an emergency C and they are not keen to do a breech, and transverse is out of the question.

Move babies move!
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I've got a transverse, face up, sometimes breech baby. It's driving me crazy. I think I'm going to get an ultra sound on Thursday just to get a visual. Would hate to do all the exercises, massages, and go to the chiropractor if she's in the right position (though I don't think she is). I don't know what I'll do about a homebirth if she's frank breech. I have to go to the hospital if she's footling. Ugh!
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