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So what does everyone think of the name Adaira? We dont have a middle name yet, but this seems to be the only one that neither me or my fiance is vetoing... I think I have had too much time to think about it though - i was just sitting here thinking that maybe it sounded too "femal superhero-ish"??

He has an odd name that he has never liked and my name is pretty generic - so we had wanted to pick something in the middle, not completely wacky, but nothing where there would be other girls in her school that had the same name as her.

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I'll be honest...it's not my favorite, but I'm also very traditional. I don't hate it, though...I mean, it's not one of those that's so weird and out of the ordinary that I'd say "What were they thinking!?"

So the short answer is, it's not for me, but if you two like it, who cares what I think?
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I like it! My boyfriend really likes it aswell..he's in to names that start with A and end in A. LOL Most of his choices for ours were like that. (Althea, Arista, etc)

It's so hard to decide isn't it!!!
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I like it, but I do think it is pretty unusual. That's the norm now though, unusual names, so I don't think it will be burdensome.
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