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Okay what exactly happens...

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at the NST?
just a monitor?
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For mine, I would lay down on my left side, and they would hook up the blood pressure tester on my right arm. Then I would have 2 bands accross my stomach to hold the moniter that keeps track of the baby. They moniter the results for a certain amount of time, and hour i think. Good luck
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can i bring a book or my nintendo ds?
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non-stress test info


I've been dealing with this weekly due to having EXTREMELY high blood pressure.

This is what has happened at each of my visits:

Arrive to maternity unit

Get comfy and get attached to the fetal monitor [two belts: one for fetal heart rate detection and one for uterine contraction detection

Get attached to blood pressure cuff for 15 minute intervals

One blood pressure gets done to establish a "baseline" from having been upright and moving about.

Oral temperature gets taken

Normal ob/gyn type questions: are you leaking any fluid or blood from your vagina? are you having any contractions other than BH? any visual disturbances, swelling, increase in swelling?

Lay in a reclining position or on side for 20-30 minutes while the monitor records the data for fetal heart rate, contractions, two more blood pressure

May have a small push button device in your hand to push each time you feel the baby move while on monitor. [the button push imprints a small arrow mark on the monitor strip that is printing out] This is to allow the person interpreting the strip to assess the baby's heart rate response in relation to its own movement and to uterine activity. Variability is what is being looked for, not a heart rate that stays at the same beats per minute all the time.

If blood pressure readings stay high after laying down and relaxing on side, urine and blood samples may be taken to rule out preE

Hope this helps!

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mine has two straps around my belly. One for contractions, the other on the baby. There has to be a certain amount of time of active movement. It has to be reactive. So basically I sit there still as a board, cant even drink a sip or take a deep breath, because I do not want him to flip or move or turn, because then you have to sit there longer.

Everytime you feel him move you are supposed to click a button. Also if he is quiet you need to poke him around or they will buzz him. I dont think you will be able to use the nst time as 'personal time', but if you can make it work, more power to you. My baby is very stubborn and hates going on that thing.
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I had them the last time due to PIH and everyone explained them pretty thoroughly. I don't have much more to add. I just had to push a button each time I felt him move, which was a lot, and usually they only took about 20 minutes.
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One more view, I just had an NST last week. Basically they strapped me to the two monitors, gave me juice (to the keep the baby active) and let me sit there for 20 minutes. I didn't have to press a button or stay still. I totally could have read during the test.

I kind of liked it, I got to hear and see my baby's heartbeat for a long time. :
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Totally take any toys/reading material you want... it can be a long time.

My NSTs with dd, one they forgot me, left me all alone in the room attached tot he monitor for like an hour.. and since it was my first one, I didn't know any better! I just sat there and watched the numbers change and re-read the same magazine over and over...

The 2nd one they were really busy, and the gal popped in to say she'd beback to unhook me and then she had like 4 other patients to do something with, and I ended up being there another hour... that time I had a good book and snack with me.

They also want "active" strip - so having a juice, banana, muffin, something right as you arrive will help.. and don't go when you know baby is usually sleeping..
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Just got back. They (nurse and dr separately) said it looked good. There was one time where there was this loud whoosh and the heart monitor said 212 but I heard his heartbeat through the whole time and it didn't change, so I told the nurse that. I think he just yelled into the monitor or something

We were able to re-schedule the Thursday sessions to Fridays so DH can sleep when he's supposed to during the week, and I got cleared to go to water aerobics as long as I don't do anything. AND I think the AFI (fluid index) ultrasound is a one-time thing, not weekly. So... good appointment today.
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Good!! I'm really glad things looked good for you today. Mine all looked good too when I had them.

I forgot why you are getting them though? I had high BP and was on meds so that's why I was getting them.
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low amniotic fluid
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Originally Posted by dooney View Post
low amniotic fluid
Oh yes that's right... I can barely keep my own stuff straight! :

Keeping my fingers crossed that it all stays good...
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