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Potty Chair Recs?

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DS is 15 moths old, and although it's too early to start serious potty learning, I'd like to start incorporating it into our daily routine.

He's very vocal with his poops and it's about 50/50 where he wakes up dry from his afternoon (2-3+ hours) nap. So should I take that as a good sign that he's beginning to learn about his bodily functions? Would you even bother with the chair?

If so, what would you recommend for a potty chair?

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I think it's a good sign. I liked having a potty chair so that DS could have more control of his potty experience and I felt it was just safer than having him climb up to the big potty.

We used this chair http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Bjorn-055.../dp/B000056J7L

I like it because there are only 2 pieces, neither of which will break under normal usage, there aren't a lot of cracks and crevaces where pee can hide
it's a simple design that's easy to use and clean. My DS could easily empty the potty in the toilet himself.

My DD is 15mos and we just pulled out the chair for her.
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My little one is beginning to potty train, but he's not quite 13 mos. and he can not sit down on the potty by himself because he always accidentally kicks it. We have a Baby Bjorn little potty but I am going to have to buy something else. He's taken to going into the bathroom and peeing/pooping on the floor-- which is good, I guess (the rest of the house is carpeted!) but I want him to be able to use the potty. We need something more sturdy-- the Boon potty bench looks good.
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We got the Baby Bjorn also. While it is VERY easy to clean, the guard in the front isn't that great. If ds is sitting on it sideways at all, it makes a slight mess. I tried one other chair and he can just rip that guard off so that was useless!!
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My girls have all done well with the potty seat (at Target) that fits over the regular toilet. We use a step stool so they can get up there and to use as a foot rest. We have one in each bathroom so that it is alwasy ready for them when they are training.
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