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I am so upset. My blood pressure is NOT cooperating :(

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The last two weeks it has been high. About 150/100 give or take a few points and if it does go down, it is late at night and only goes down to 135/95 - Big woop. The midwife wanted to induce me last week but the doc is trying to hold out so his lungs can mature.

Is anyone else out there dealing with it out of control at the end and if so what are your docs doing? I have a bad feeling this week I am having a baby. But it sucks because I know I can hold out for two more weeks, then I will be 37 weeks.

So damn frustrating. I tried all the herbal remedies and nothing. I am also scared my high dose (2000mg) of aldomet is harming him. All I do is lay around upset, I cant relax for crap.

I dont know which way is better Induce now or hold out. ?????
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i have had good results from hawthorn and skullcap tincture and magnesium.

(and energy tapping and deep breathing too)
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I'm really sorry!! I had PIH with my son but interestingly enough, not this time. I was taking verapamil 10 mg twice a day. I think I would have been on Aldomet but my heart was racing too for no apparent reason and the verapamil slowed it down.

My bp was creeping up at the end but we didn't increase my meds at all. I was induced at 41 weeks and frankly, it was miserable. But, if the baby was in danger at all, I would go through with it again if I had to.

Are you at home all the time now, or working at all?
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I've had some issues with blood pressure, and my mw suggested I make sure I'm getting enough protein(which I am) and drink my water! Being dehydrated can make my blood pressure soar! I'm sure your probably already doing those things, though, so sorry I can't be more help.

I've had no protein in my urine or any other symptoms of anything else wrong, so my mw isn't concerned. My bp issues are more stemmed from the fact that I'm an emotionally tightly wound person right now. I know this is easy to say, but if you could find a way to relax that could go a long way in helping your bp...atleast it helps me.

Sorry, I can't be more helpful, but I wish you good luck!
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Mine isn't either at this point, so I feel your frustration. I wish I had some cure all for you, or at least some advise on how too help lower it, but I am trying too figure this out as well. I REALLY DO NOT want too be a section, and that is what willhappen if this is not controlled. I am just going too take things as easy as i can. Mine seems too lower if I rest. So, I am going too do the best I can too rest..'s coming your way.
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2cutiekitties you have a PM from me.

MCKMN you do too
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I feel ya! I'm on "bedrest" and now medication in an attempt to keep it under control. I was very unprepared for this as I've never had any bp issues ever! So...I get to go to the hospital every few days for nst's, I've had bloodwork out the wazoo (all fine so far) and dh gets to cook me dinner every night. I don't mind that part Of course, I'm growing bored of laying around. I'm holding out as long as possible, and when the suggestion of scheduled c-section came up I said "No." I don't think the dr. knew what to say about that ...I merely suggested that instead of assuming that would be how things go down, why don't "we" do everything else possible first. So far so good.
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I don't know that there is any scientific basis for this but have heard from a few people that eating a cucumber every day helps. Good luck, I hope you are able to bring it down and not get induced.
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