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I am almost to the 12 week mark, so I figured I would jump in and post an intro. I'm Becky and am due with #3 around August 4. I have a 5 year old DD and a 2 1/2 yr old DS. We are AP, but sadly, not very NFL right now as we are eating tons of fast food ( I have no desire to cook) and the kids are watching WAY too much tv. I tandem nursed my older two and am still nursing my son now. Let's see, we also cloth diaper, co-sleep, and homeschool. I don't know how much I will post, but I figured I'd post an intro in case I want to jump into the conversations.
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Hi, Welcome to the August DDC.
My name is Joy I am due with my third ~~end of July- early August. My sons are almost 5 and 33months. We are mostly AP, and try to follow WAP/traditional foods when I can stand to be in the kitchen We are eating out, ordering in, and eating boxed/prepaired stuff waaaaaaaay to much: I hope I am nearing the end of this phase.
Anyhow glad you are joining us!
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Welcome! I have two sons 10 and 6 and this is my second surrogate pregnancy for the same family I haven't been cooking either.....but....thank goodness my hubby is just home from Iraq and he really wants to cook a lot! We've had lots to eat...but not always what *I* would cook. Though...I say anything I didn't have to cook is 'gourmet'!

See you around the DDC
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welcome! I'm Debi wahm mama to four kiddos, and this little bean on the way. I am 10 weeks pregnant, due August 11th. We are natural minded, though not always in practice(like now with my cravings for Kraft mac and cheese), but we cosleep, clothdiaper, breastfeed(I am still nursing my 4 and 2 yr olds), etc.
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Babe #2 for me is on the way in August.

Not too much NFL here either as I eat whatever I can to not feel hungry/nauseous....
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Hi Becky!!!

I'm Erika....pregnant with #2. I'm not as AP as most people on here but i do co-sleep when my babies are babies. I'm almost 12 weeks so i'm looking forward to the 2nd trimester and no more morning sickness!!!
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Thanks for the welcome! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one eating junk right now.
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Hey! I normally eat really well, but lately I've been craving junk and fast food like you wouldn't believe. I'm ashamed.
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Welcome, Becky! Glad you're here. Post your info on the Due Date sticky so I can add it to the compiled Due Date List (or you can PM me with the info) if you want to be included!

Have a great day!
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