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Originally Posted by jackson's mama View Post
I think it's great you were able to nurse on demand while the babes were in the NICU... everything I've heard is how much they push for the 'every 3 hours' nursing schedule while in the NICU. Good for you for standing up to that and doing what you thought was best for your babies!
Thanks for that. If they'd only let us moms do what our instict and intuition told us to do.. The doc was was in shock when one of my twins gained 6 oz in one day. And they are suposed to be "experts." I ended up signing them out of the NICU, without Drs. permission. I couldn't deal with the insanity.
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Originally Posted by 2+twins View Post
I've only ever nursed on demand. Sometimes I note how long its been since one of them last nursed if we're busy running around just so I'm sure I don't forget to nurse them, but nursing twins has actually been pretty easy for me, and it certainly has gotten even easier the older they get b/c now it's very simple for me to tandem nurse them whereas before it wasn't something too easy for me to do (and I didn't enjoy it back then either). You'll find your way - don't worry!
You are right, somehow it all falls into place and you find a way to do it!!
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For me nursing twins has been pretty easy. I know some mamas have a hard time in the early months but my boys latched on just fine from the 1st time and have ever since. They never got bottles, I never scheduled them in any way and if I could help it at all they never waited if they were wanting to nurse. I rarely tandem nursed them when they were little because they did not like it but now they are 16 months and always tandem because they can not stand to see the other one nursing and them not I did have my babies just past their due date and at home and they were both about 8lb so all that helps too.
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I'm still nursing my 19 month olds (although they are down to just 3 times a day or so most days). Talking to other mamas IRL helped (and seeing another mama nurse twins helped) as did reading this board and the APMultiples Yahoo groups, and I couldn't have done it without the EZ2nurse pillow, and a sense that nursing would pretty much be all I did those first months (along with making sure my then 3yo didn't feel too lost in the chaos).

Through no doing of my own, my girls had no trouble latching, and so I was able to tandem pretty much from the beginning (which makes it feeling like you are only nursing 90 percent of the time, instead of all the time!). I was not opposed to supplementing if needed -- in fact, I slowly introducing bottles -- both with pumped milk and formula -- at around 6 weeks, and kept trying once a week, but they never liked them, so I just kept nursing.

Get lots of help -- people to bring you food, clean your house, take your dog for a walk, whatever -- and spend those firstweeks figuring the nursing out. It is wonderful, and really helped me to connect to my babes (I still worry that each gets short-shrifted because of being a twin, but at least nursing gives them that contact, skin to skin, and slows you down long enough to marvel at the miracle of multiples.)

Good luck!
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I EBF twins and never scheduled. That would have been harder! Sometimes we nursed tandem, sometimes not, and both times would have their advantages.

At times I would just take turns. I would often use my foot to soothe one in the bouncy chair while nursing the other--this allowed me to do things like eat. Nursing tandem would often settle them in for a simultaneous nap and that was precious.

We already had an older dd who was 5yo when they were born. Hmmm. Somehow we all survived. It was I admit one of the more difficult times of my entire life--though I am very proud to have been through it and to feel I "succeeded." It made me believe in my great strength. It has been seven years now though so the sense of supermom invinvcibility has faded somewhat
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OK, so how did you get them to your due date!??
I'm not sure. I made it 39w2d. I ate to hunger, aiming for healthy but if I wanted chocolate pudding then that's what I ate. I ate a LOT of protein. I went down to part time work at about 24 weeks, then gave up work altogether at about 36 weeks. I napped a lot. I gave myself permission to do nothing but gestate, which as a type-A work-a-holic was hard.
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Can be done

I am nursing both my twins who are now 9.5 months old. I never had any problems trying to keep up with both of them. Once they started sleeping through the night I've had to get up to pump in the middle of the night to keep my supply going and can pump up to 22 oz in one pumping. Yes, definitely invest in a double boppy......I can still feed them both at the same time which saves a lot of time.....yeah, mine were in the NICU for a week and I had to feed them every 3 hrs, at different times which was very tiring and difficult. Once they are born just start pumping after they eat and that will increase your supply also. Good luck.......its easier than you might think
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