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Millions of BH

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Is anyone else having tons of these? It seems like I have so many of them, like 10 an hour sometimes. I have read that you should call your doc if you have more than 5 in an hour but I am not going to or else she'll have me in surgery right away, I'm 36/2.
I feel no concern with lots of BH especially when my body has never been through labor and the baby is still moving just fine.
Just wondering if anyone else has these to this extreme.
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I sometimes have that many in an hour even for a few hours at a time somtimes but not 24hrs a day, and they don't do much more than just get my attention a little. I don't worry at all about those. For me the BH are not uncomfortable at all, just a tightening which increases in intensity closer to the due date but never really painful. For me, prodomal labor/real labor contractions are very different from BH. They are intense and achy like super bad menstrual cramps and require my breathing/relaxing through. As the due date gets closer and closer the intensity of them increases and I find myself having more of those and less and less BH. Those are the ones I start paying attention to, but even then I've been known to have those type pretty regularly for hours everyday only for them to peter out at bedtime. It makes it hard to distinguish when "real" labor hits, because the intensity is about the same as the prodomal stuff. The only difference is that it doesn't peter out and go away.
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What does "36/2" mean?

Are you planning a VBAC?

If you're not wanting so many BH, maybe you could try a hot bath or something... there's a thread around here somewhere on how to stall false labor.
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36/2 means she is 36 weeks and 2 days.
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me too.. but usually they kinda taper off after an hour or so.

I find that if I have a bath/shower, drink a glass of water, and eat something that makes them stop.
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It really helps me to read these threads. Having never gone into labor before, I don't know what to expect and I've been wondering all day if I'm in labor!
I've been nesting like crazy and have had ctx that feel somehow different from what I am used to. I'm not prepared to be in labor right now lol!
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water, rest, magnesium, a glass of wine.

all these things should help. usually that many means you are tired and need to do less or you are dehydrated or both.
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Yep some days are worse than others, mostly when I overdo it. I have had a few that stopped me in my tracks and made me remember what true labor was like! :
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I have had lots of BH, too. They come and go in waves - I don't pay much attention to them. It was same with my last pregnancy, too. I had to have a ton of NSTs last time, and the nurses always thought I was going into labor because I was having contractions. (By the way, my son didn't arrive until 41 weeks... and he was induced at that point.)

When my current OB mentioned the no more than 5 in an hour, I actually did a double-take. Do you want me calling you every day? As long as they aren't progressing, I wouldn't worry about it. And you can take the PPs suggestions of water, rest, etc. if they are bothering you.
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