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Baby finally arrived

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I'm slow in posting the good news because I had to stay at the hospital for 48 hrs- didn't get there in time for antibiotics for GBS & hospital "protocol" took over. Agh!
I can finally sit at the computer- recovering from stitches along previous scar line from ds.
Good news is I arrived at the hospital complete & ready to push!
Liliana Grace arrived 5 days late on 1/10/07. She decided to come out face up so it took 1 1/2 hrs to push her out. I don't know how I ever pushed 4+ hrs. with ds- 1.5 felt like eternity this time!

For those of you waiting & wondering- blue cohosh for 3 days (8 drops in 1/4c warm wtr every 30 min for 4 hrs, then dropper full under tongue 1x/hr for 4 more hours) is what I did once I was 2 days past due date. My ds was 10.1 lbs (I only weigh 110 not pg) & I just knew I couldn't push a baby any bigger than that out- esp. at my conservative little hospital. The eggplant parm & mtn. mikes pizza w/extra sauce was still yummy to try!

PS- How amazing that "miguel's mom" & I were both overdue & both named our daughters the same thing!!!! Little kindred souls perhaps

Thanks everyone- this due date club really helped "feed" me over the last 9 mths!
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Oh! It sounds like everything went great! I'm sorry you had to be at the hospital for so long, but it sounds like it really turned out well. I love your "overdue" protocol for eggplant parm and pizza -- it sounds delish!

This DDC has been great for me, too. I am so happy to go through this with such wonderful mamas!

Happy Babymoon!
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Congrats Mama! And welcome baby Liliana
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Congratulations on Liliana's arrival! And for not having to push for 4 hours!
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Welcome baby Liliana! Congratulations!
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Welcome to the world, Liliana! Happy babymoon
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Welcome, baby Liliana! Congrats, mama.
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I'm so happy for you!

Congratulations - enjoy your little one!
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