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i have a fever and i'm not sure what i should do. i don't own a thermometer so i don't know what my exact temp is, but i know i have one. when should i go in or should i call L&D and ask them what to do.
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Why would you call L&D??? Are you also in labor or has your water broke?? If not then I would go to bed...you are sick! Get lots of rest and lots of fluids and maybe take a Tylenol if you need to. There are probably some mamas who can advise you what homeopathics would be good for fever, that I don't know.
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I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! I'm an RN and a fever is not necessarily a bad thing. First, I would drink as much water as you can. If water doesn't taste good, try some fruit juice or any other non-caffienated beverage. A little Tylenol is fine too, if you are really feeling bad. There is no reason to call L&D or go in, unless something else is happening that is worrying you.

I'd dress comfortably, and just drink a ton of liquids, you want your pee to be pretty much colorless. Are you having any other symptoms - like a headache, nausea, sore throat, body aches, etc? Many times a virus will cause a fever and letting it run its course is about the only thing you can do, along with treating the symptoms.

Again, if you feel there is something else going on besides maybe coming down with a virus or something, you could call L&D if you were really worried. But it's not something you automatically need to do. How are you otherwise?
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okay update, i just got a thermometer and no fever. my temp is usually 97.8 about and now it's 98.4.... so not a fever. but what the heck, i feel like i am on fire, my checks are red and i'm sweaty. what else could this be
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How is your blood pressure?
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so far perfect, it was 120/82 last appt. a week after x-mas was 130/80. but that's the highest so far.
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How are your contractions? Didn't you mention recently that you think you are getting close? Have they changed at all? Either way, I'd try to drink a bunch of water and see if that helps....
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I get that feeling when/if my blood sugar spikes on me... eaten anything too sweet lately? I'm sorry momma, I hope you feel better
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Sounds like a hot flash - not just for menopausal women, sometimes pregnant women have them too, oh joy! I think I've heard they can also be triggered by low pressure - but in this case, probably just fluctuating pregnancy hormones. Glad to hear you're not sick at least. I hope you can relax and they don't make you too uncomfortable.
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