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Good News/Bad News

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OK The good news is that I'm GBS negative!!!! SOOO excited about that since I was positive last time. Ijust had to share that with some people who would understand why I'd be so happy!!! :-)

The bad news is that my H&H keep dropping. Anyone have any good ideas why that is happening? My diet has not changed in anyway I can think of and my levels were really good at the beginning of pregnancy. I will start on an iron supplement tomorrow (was hoping to avoid that)... I've got restless leg syndrome now too so I'm hoping that increasing my iron will help in that dept as well...

Thanks for any input
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Start eating bran flakes everyday. Seriously, they have 100% of almost everything. I've eaten a lot of them this pregnancy, and my hemoglobin was excellent this time around. It's the only thing I can contribute it to, since I've been really lazy about taking my prenatals and in past pregnancies I've bordered on the lower side or even below normal on the hemoglobin.
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Chlorophyll has helped me allot also (pill form ) and its easly absorbed by your body Hope you can get your iron up!
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