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Cloth diapering twins?

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I know that if I had only one baby I would definately be using CDs cause I know its ethically the best, but with twins I'm just not sure its realistic (were using 7th Generation sposies now). Ok, truthfully, I often forget to change one of my babies and they end up soaking their clothes : and I know with cloth you have to change them even more often. Plus, the set-up cost for two babies and all the options are intimidating me.

I see that many of you M.O.M's are CDing (Nice work!) and it makes me think that it must be possible, so my Q's:

--What system & brands (AIO's, pockets, flat, prefolds...) do you find works best and is affordable with twins?

--How much do you think it cost you to get set-up? (my babes are 11 & 13 lbs at 2 months adjusted age)

--How many do you need if the washer/dryer is located right outside the nursery?

I'm really feeling like I need to make this leap, so any advise is appreciated. Or, should I just forget it because its way too much work? BTW, I go back to work part-time nights next week, the babies will not be going to daycare, I can only BF on one breast, and EP for one baby.
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I started CDing when my twins were about 17 months, but I made the decision a few months earlier. It was really a $$$$ decision. I was excpecting #3 and the thought of 3 in disposies.... :

We started with 1 dozen FB, about 8 covers, 3 dozen regulars & 2 dozen infants. Now we have more FB (18) and I have traded the large FB away for more Med. covers. I used to wash every day. Usually it was one day in the mornign and the next at night. (this was with 3 in dipes). Now I am down to 2x a week because I have more covers (but the same number of diapers, still 3 in diapers).

I prefer covers & prefolds myself. If one needs to be changed, I change them all unless one was just changed, just makes life easier. Sometimes they are dry, usually not. It's really just a load a day and really worth it. Oh and while we are staying in NYC we don't have a wahser / dryer, so no I don't think the wahser / dryer has to be next to the nursery. Ours isn't in our apartment. We just got more covers and wash 2x / week now instead of daily.
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Ya know, it IS hard to make the leap, financially speaking, in the beginning b/c you're putting all the money upfront. That being said, we've saved a ton of money by not using sposies - 2 in sposies would be really, really expensive (especially if you're using a pricier brand which I'm pretty sure 7th gen is). Anyway, I've found that what works for my twins has differed over time (depending on their size/age). In the very beginning, Kissaluvs fitted worked really well, but around the time the were 4 months we moved to something else b/c the Kissaluvs just didn't hold much pee before being soaked & the rise was too short for my guys. I can tell you what works best for us now, but I can't tell you what will work best for you! For us it's Swaddlebees organic cotton velour fitteds (I'm a fan of fitted diapers) with wool covers. The other diaper that we use all the time is Under the Nile fitteds. This might be a good option for you b/c they're pretty inexpensive (about $10-12 a diaper I believe) and are very absorbant (we use them primarily as naptime diapers and whenever we won't be able to do frequent diaper changes, like on outings). The downside is that they're bulky compared to other dipes, but I really like them. I think this might be a good option - maybe buy a few just to see. I'm pretty sure that on the co-op forum here people frequently run UTN co-ops - maybe you could post there asking if anyone will be doing that soon. I think you can get their stuff for 1/2 off which would make the leap a whole lot easier! Oh, I know lots & lots of moms like pocket dipes - Fuzzi Bunz seem to be a favorite. Those are very simple to use. I haven't tried them but did not have luck with other pocket diapers with my boys (they always leaked out the leg area.

eta: I forgot to mention cost. I probably spent $300-400 to get started. You certainly could spend more or less than this, depending on what type of dipes you decide to go with. I wash every other day & find a mini-shower ($30)invaluable for hosing off the poop. I think we have about 3 dozen dipes and go through all of those btwn washings pretty much.
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Yep CD here I use prefolds and covers and love them just because it gives me more flexabilty and costs were a lot less up front. when we first started I would just throw the wet ones in my wet bag and the dirty ones spray off then throw in I would put them in the washer to soak overnight start the load first thing in the AM then go on with my day. I also use snappi's they are a big help in getting DH to go with CD the boys because he can use them with out any fear. I also gave some to my next door neighbor and she and her DH use the for their little guy too.I have a great lady I use for CD who offers a great twin rate send me a PM if you want her info since I think it may be a UA violtation to post it but the other thing I do is take the money we would be using on diapers and put it into the boys savings accounts it adds up quickly and is a great way to put some money away for college for them because if you kept them in sposies you would be spending it anyways so this is a great way to save some money for the kids too.
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I had about 14 Fuzzi Bunz left over from my first daughter that we planned on using for baby #2, and when baby #2 ended up being #2 AND #3 we were very happy to be using cloth for the money saved!

We currently wash every night before bed and we have 18 pocket diapers (like Fuzzi Bunz, but varied types, I personally love Knicker Nappies the best). I don't waste time stuffing them or folding them out of the dryer, I just toss them in separate baskets and match them up at changing time. I bought nearly all of them used, with inserts, and spent about $10 per diaper including shipping.

I figured it would've paid for itself so fast in disposables that it was worth it!

I do fully admit that cloth is daunting to me when we're out and about and for three in diapers, the size of my bag is overwhelming. We use 7th Generation sposies for all girls when we're not at home. They stay in the van and we buy a pack every 2-3 months. Otherwise, it's totally the way to go!
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Originally Posted by DoubleLove View Post
--What system & brands (AIO's, pockets, flat, prefolds...) do you find works best and is affordable with twins?

--How much do you think it cost you to get set-up? (my babes are 11 & 13 lbs at 2 months adjusted age)

--How many do you need if the washer/dryer is located right outside the nursery?

I'm really feeling like I need to make this leap, so any advise is appreciated. Or, should I just forget it because its way too much work? BTW, I go back to work part-time nights next week, the babies will not be going to daycare, I can only BF on one breast, and EP for one baby.
I use prefolds with bumkins and bummis covers. The boys are in Med. covers and regular or premium prefolds. I think I have 6-8 covers and really could use a few more. But if you want to wash every day or maybe even two, depending on how blow-outy they are still you may be able to get away with that many. My older daughter was in reg/prem prefolds and medium size covers for two years. So you could always just go with that size, which should be the biggest bang for your buck. We also have fbs with 2 inserts for night time.
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best tip i can give you is receiving blankets as flats with a wrap they are easy to use fast drying and cheep and with 2 i would think the more is beter i love aio's and i only have one about the leaking there is waterproof wraps would cut down on that dont worry about not remembering to change 1 moms with only 1 do that to :
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What about diaper services? I'm a single mom and couldn't imagine adding the load of diapers onto my plate. My service for two is $140 a month plus the covers, which are like $5 each. You don't even have to rinse them and my service is very ecological. But that is still less than disposable.
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I started cd'ing when we got home from the hospital and haven't looked back. I use an assortment of things, but love my prefolds, fitteds and wool. I bought a bunch of tees and dresses that the girls wear over their longies as clothing. I wash daily. A lot of people will also recomend Mother Ease OS and Bum Genius OS.
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Wow, thanks Mama's for all this great info!

Another Q:
What about using pins? For those of you using prefolds & covers, do you have to use pins with those? DD is really squirmy and I'm afraid I'd poke her.
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You can, but a lot of people use a snappi. You can get them from most online diapering shops.

Feel free to stop by the diapering forum here if you have more questions. There are a lot of knowledgable mamas there!
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I dont use a snappi or a pin. Just fold the diaper in the snug cover and velcro away!

I have no idea why the thunb is there
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We do cloth full-time and maybe I am just used to it, but it doesn't seem like that much work. We started out using Fuzzi Bunz and now we use fitted diapers and tie (Disana) diapers with wool covers.
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Given your circumstances, I would definately suggest a service. Mine is $94/mo. We don't have our own washer/dryer so doing our own CDs didn't feel like a viable option for me. We spend about half what we would with 7th Gen (which we use when we're going out). I prefer to use a snappi and gerber vinyl pants as those leak the least of what I've used. I found the velcro wraps (pro raps) to be very leaky. With cloth, if you forget to change your babe at least they are in something that breaths... sposies, even the 7th gen, trap all the ammonia and stuff in. I just always change my guys at the same time so I won't forget. I find using the diaper service to be only slightly more work than sposies and well worth the extra effort. Also, people can usually give you gift certificates for your service... we've received 7 1/2 months of service as gifts so far. A heck of a lot more useful than another pack of onesies!
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I use CDs at home during the day. I have 18 prefolds and 6 covers and they are more than enought if I do laundry daily. I found Nikky diaper covers to be the best. They fit so snugly and are the softest covers I've foung (and I tried alot of different ones. Nikky's are also really great about holding everything in. They have gotten a bit pricier over the last couple of years (about $17 each), but you can get them cheaper on eBay (I got 12 brand new ones for $85 and am selling half of them to make some $ back).
I do have to admit that I use sposies when we go places (dont want to carry wet and poopy diapers from 2 babies around in my purse) as well as at night as both of my babies sleep through the night and CDs just dont hold enough in.
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I bought everything for the babes when they were born but didn't start to use cd until they were 6 mo. old...I was just too overwhelmed.
I use Prorap diaper covers and prefolds. I bought the recommended # of prefolds for 2 babies (I don't remember how many that was...maybe 4 dozen?) and have never used that many. But the Proraps are the most inexpensive ($6 each) and can be washed right with the diapers which is a HUGE time and energy saver for me.
Good luck!
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We have a diaper service too, which is very convenient for us, it uses prefolds and I have snappis and litewrap covers. Lucky for us we haven't had to pay for it yet as it started as a shower gift from my husbands Grandmother, for 4 months, then another relative bought us another month then Grandma payed for 2months as a christmas gift for the babies. I do use disposables at night and went out too.
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I think the most economical option is prefolds with covers. I use Bumpy covers and biobottoms wool covers. I have 4 dozen prefolds.

I like using covers because I can use them over again without washing them unless they get absolutely soaked or get poop on them.
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I don't have twins (yet!- due in june) but I did have two in diapers. I am not a savvy cloth diaperer. I just used what worked for me. Kushies all-in-ones. I bought most of them used for between $3 and $6 each. The diapers are now on their 3rd kid and I figure they will last though the twins. Then I don't really care, because I'm done!

The only trouble I had was the size difference, sometime I would grab a 10-22Lb dipe when I wanted a 22-40 Lb one. But if that is a problem with your twins they shouldn't be such extreme sized differences for long.

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Haven't read all the pp's, but we cd our twins (and when they were born, my daughter was in diapers, too). I'd tried tons of different options with her (fitteds, wool, prefolds, AIO's, pockets, etc.) and just used whatever I could get my hands on at changing time. When the boys arrived, I used only Kissaluvs (about 36 of them) with Bummis covers. When they hit 10lbs, I sold the Kissaluvs and everything I had that wasn't a pocket dipe and bought small Fuzzi Bunz. I just sold all our small FBs on Ebay and bought mediums and pockets (mostly FBs, with a few hated BumGenius thrown in)--we've got about 33, I think. I just did that to keep diaper laundry simple and quick (no different systems or different drying times for each type of diaper). For cost-effectiveness, prefolds and wraps are probably your best bet. For ease of use and resale-ability, Fuzzi Bunz are probably your best bet. Right now, having cd'ed twins for over 6 months, I'm only out the cost of water and Charlie's Soap. It's awesome.
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