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I CD my twins (and had 3 in dipes for a while) and mostly use fuzzibunz or fitteds/prefolds with Bummi covers. I use a double stuffed FB or fitteds and wool covers for nighttime. I wash everyday. I probably would aim for around 24 at minimum. If you can't afford quite that many right away, have some disposables on hand, just in case. If you washer and dryer is that close, you could wash as often as you need. Washing really isn't a big deal....I don't fold them or anything. I have mesh shelves in my laundry room where I keep them.

Oh, and I dont use pins or snappis with my prefolds. I just keep them inplace with the cover. Snappis are way better than pins though if you need something, IMO.
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As far as actual cash, I've probably MADE money so far by using CDs . I traded for pretty much all of our original stash, a great variety of used dipes. At first we used mostly fitteds with proraps and wool wraps (biobottoms, nikky). My favs were NB Mutts and some random mama-made fitteds. When they grew into smalls, we used other fitteds, prefolds, a variety of covers (I liked the BSWW best at this size, although I would have liked wool but didn't have any) and some fuzzi-bunz. When they grew out of smalls, I sold off all the NB & small dipes on the TP. Several people got good deals, and I made back all I spent and then some. Then I bought 6 FB seconds and some microfiber towels. I traded again for more FB + hemp inserts and a few more times for some various fitteds. Our current stash is about a dozen FB + 3 FB with shot elastic that we use at night, 1 HH, 2 Happy Hempys for nighttime, maybe a dozen random fitteds, and probably 8 covers. It's way more than we really need and I keep meaning to try to sell some off. But it's also nice to have the flexibility to waiver between using pockets and fitteds, depending on my mood. My gripe with fitteds is the drying time. Oh, I also like prefolds, and have about a dozen of those in the sewing room that I'm in the process of trimming. Those I got off Freecycle.

So, to cut costs & if you don't mind used dipes, try the TP here, Ebay, and Freecycle. How many you need depends a little on what type of dipe you use, but 18 would suffice, I'd think. You can always just wash them when you get low....and/or keep some sposies on hand until you have a system down that works.

As for what might work, you sort of need to be able to adjust as needed, which is why I didn't want to put any actual cash up front. I discovered that one of my guys gets a very raw bottom in anything other than hemp (we tried cotton prefolds & fitteds, fleece pockets/liners, and sposies). So for him we often use the FB as just a cover, with the hemp "insert" trifolded inside or a hemparoo layed inside a fitted. While ds1 gets a MF towel inserted into the FB or a fitted.

All this to say, it's definitely been worth the cost savings for us. We wash nightly, which is no big deal. And our washer is in the basement, which makes no difference really. Good luck

ETA: I think I may have some small covers (diaperaps) and maybe some NB size (up to 15 lbs) prefolds left. If you're interested I can check. You could have whatever I find that you could use for the cost of shipping.
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We have CDed our twins since they came home from the hospital and find that it really isn't a lot of extra work. We use Fuzzi Bunz only. None of the other ones I tried worked as well, kept as much in, or leaked as little as the FBs. I have a basket of covers and a basket of inserts and I put them together when I need them.

I remember when the babies were three months old and we took them to my parents' house for two days for Christmas. We brought Pampers because my parents would have freaked out if we brought our cloth along with us. We went through an entire package of Pampers (granted, they were still newborns and pooping all day long) and at $15 (minimum) per package, we realized that we are saving a ton of money using cloth.

I actually wrote up a whole document about our experience using various brands of diapers and would be happy to email it to you if you'd like. just PM me with your email address and I can send it your way.
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I thank you all so much for your awesome input! I've thoroughly considered each of your posts and checked online info on the makes/systems you've mentioned. I'm hope this thread will be helpful to others too. I think I've become obsessed over finding the right CDs for us! It's become my "entertainment" as I pump for DS.

Sounds like FB are a favorite, as are prefolds with covers as staples.

You MOM's have definately given me confidence that we can do this!
I'm so very happy to have found you all. (I wish I knew about MDC during my pregnancy. I really could have used 'talking' to other like-minded MOM's) ...MDC rocks!
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we cloth diaper our triplets

Just wanted to say that we CD our triplets! It has really saved us some money!

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