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Meeting with the OB today-UPDATED

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I'm excited and nervous to finally get this show on the road. I'm meeting with the OB today who hopefully will be performong my belly birth "c-section" Feb 6. I'm meeting to talk in depth about the procedure as it pertains to my condition (Placenta Previa & profuse scare tissue in lower abdomen & pelvis from previous trauma) I'm also planning on asking him if we can create sacred space for the operation. A moment of silence (surg. team & me & DH) and if we can clamp the cord after it stops pulsing, listen to soft music, etc. I'm scared yet hopeful as to his response. I'm getting so excited about this baby and her birth...Even my c-section fear & dissappointment is starting to fade....I hope I still feel that way after my meeting. I'll keep everyone posted!
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I have a great article you can print out to show him.


That way they might see that others have done it
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I just wanted to mention this as a possible option since you have some time to plan your "belly birth" (I love that term by the way... it makes it sound so much nicer, and since in your case, you can't avoid one)... I belong to a mailing list mainly of lactation professionals, LLL leaders, etc. and one of them was talking about a recent c-section. They had made arrangements for the mom to nurse her new baby on the operating table!! It took a couple of people to help get the baby in the right position, but she was able to do it!

If this is something you're interested in doing, if your hospital has a lactation consultant, I hope she would be open to working with you!
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I hope you get all your wishes to make it the best experience possible.
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Good luck! Way to make the best out of the beautiful birth of your baby!
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I absolutely LOVE the idea of the moment of silence!! I bet your OB goes for it, what a wonderful thing too do. It sounds like you have all your eggs in one baslet, and I hope you are able too have the wonderful experience you are hoping for.
Good Luck , and please let us know how your visit goes!
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I just got back, and it was a GREAT appointment. He is really nice and was open to everything I suggested. He said I (or my support person) could lead everyone in a moment of silence, there could be music playing & talking among medics could be soft and to a minimum. He said he needed the lights bright so he could see what he was doing (makes sense) and that he was open to me breastfeeding on the table. However, he said it would be difficult as I would be lying flat on my back and unable to move at all and therefore would have a hard time seeing and positioning the baby. So, he was open to it as long as there was a support nurse helping me and I did not move, compromising his "stitch" job. Whatever I decided, I would be able to have baby lying on me throughout the repair and would be able to breastfeed as soon as he was done stitching...about 20 min. after the birth. (assuming no complications are present) He was happy to delay bathing & newborn care so that we could "bond" first. I'm really getting excited about this birth. I would advise everyone if possible, just to take a few minutes to think about what their needs/wants would be if a section becomes necessary. Probably it wouldn't, but if it does it would make you feel so much more at ease and in control if you were at least a little prepared. You could even add your "section" desires as a side note in your birth plan, just in case. Thank-you everyone for your kindness & support!
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I am SO happy to hear he is so supportive of your needs during your birth! I can't wait to find out how it all turns out when the time comes!
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Yeah! Glad the appt went so well. Sounds like you're making the most of your situation and will end up with a very special birth.
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