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Weekly Thread ~ Jan 17-23rd

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HA HA, we've gotten all messed up with the "weeks" as far as when they begin and end but oh well... Here's the new one.

I CAN'T SLEEEEEEEP!!!!! I fall asleep on my back and wake up uncomfortable so I roll to me side and wake up with an arm asleep and tingley so I roll to my other side only to have the exact same thing happen....

it's getting pretty unbearable and I'm so very very tired... this shouldn't be this bad in the 5th month!!!

Any tips mommas????

OH... and we're moving this week end and then I wont have internet hooked up untill the 25th .... I know it doesn't seem like long but I will miss you guys!!!
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I am having the same issue with sleep, I don't remember it being this uncomfortable last time at 20 weeks. Anyway things are going well on this end for me. We are looking into moving (like several of the mama's on this ddc) and boy it has become a stressor, I am trying to come to terms that we may have to have the baby in this little shoe box of a house for a couple months before we can move. I am a big nester, I don't go crazy cleaning, I just want to move, and I cook a lot too, so I have to put off the moving for now, which is very hard when you are pregnant and get something stuck in your head, I am praying waiting is for the best anyhow!
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I'm not so uncomfortable with sleep, yet, but my main struggle is with BFing my toddler. I mean, literally, my skin crawls and I want to throw her across the room. I have sensory issues in regards to touch normally, anyway, but have managed to deal with that okay to BF dd. But now that I'm pregnant it is just overwhelming. And, honestly, I can't imagine weaning her. She is so completely still dependent on her "nummers" that it would just be traumatic. She has cut down, some, so I'm hoping we'll just manage to work it out, you know?

Anyhow, I had major comfort issues with sleep last pregnancy. I ended up using lots and lots of pillows to pad various places and it was better, if not great. I also had horrid insomnia, which has reared it's ugly head this past week, also. So, in essence, since DD still wakes numerous times at night, I haven't slept in over three years!! ACK!!
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Morning sickness is still here. Hip pain and back ache have started. I'm grumpy. lol

My belly is getting big. I'm having lots of BH and feeling lots of kicks. I'm definately feeling pregnant.

I want spring! I've already had enough of winter and it's only just started.
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Originally Posted by Shell_Ell View Post
Morning sickness is still here. Hip pain and back ache have started. I'm grumpy. lol

My belly is getting big. I'm having lots of BH and feeling lots of kicks. I'm definately feeling pregnant.

I want spring! I've already had enough of winter and it's only just started.
This is me without the nausea!

I'm so surprised about the hip pain. This use to happen to me when I was a teenager. It's right in the joint and it hurts worse when I've got it supported between my Snoogle pillow (or any pillow, for that matter!). What is with this?

Other than that, things are good here. No nesting so far, but I've been cooking, cooking, cooking. I'm learning that meals requiring a lot of prep are hard on the preggy-lady back. Belly is in the way of me getting a good angle at my chopping block!.

My nose is stuffed up and I'm trying really hard to avoid a sinus infection, which I'm prone to.

Happy kicking!
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You know, I don't think I had hip or back pain with my son. Maybe in the very very end. This is happening insanely early this time! I'm thinking about prenatal massage soon.
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I had horrible pain in my sacrum and in my pubic bone (it separated with #1) each time, but this pregnancy I haven't felt it at all! and I realized the other day that I've been doing prenatal yoga classes twice a week, which I hadn't done before, since week 8 and I feel physically really great!

I'm totally nesting, obsessed with gathering and organizing and baby stuff... dragged the changing table from the garage to my bedroom by myself the other day, and now it has all the baby's stuff on it! Dreaming of baby...baby baby baby! Can't BELIEVE I have to wait all these months to hold it!
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Sleeping is still going ok, but what's with this one stretched muscle feeling that extends up one side of my belly? Does this little boy just feel the need to only pull in one area?
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No idea, Patch, but I've had the same thing up my right side off and on. I'm just so glad that whatever I pulled in my left butt cheek over Christmas has finally healed up or gone away!

I've had some anxiety attacks on and off over the course of this pregnancy, and I finally caved and rented a doppler. It came today, and it only took DH a couple of minutes to find the Bean's heartbeat! And even better, I didn't panic at all while he was hunting around and not getting anything.

We rented it for two months and I may not need to use it again, but even just knowing that I could stay totally calm while I waited to hear something - and knowing that we can check again if we ever want to, is such a relief.

Also, I got the results for my quad screen today, and they're awesome! Not only do we not have an elevated risk of anything, I've actually got a factor of ten less risk than the population average risk - for everything. Talk about a perfect anxiety-reducing day!
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Patch- I've been having he same thing. I'm figuring babymort is finally big enough to "push" aginst that ligament. I'm also thinking that this time round I'm taking care of a toddler on top of everyting else. Last time I wasn't lifting 30lbs of wiggle monster a dozen times a day and I had a lot more time to do yoga and meditate and sleep in and,well, take care of myself. So I think that has a lot to do with how sore my muscles are getting now.

I'm still getting the every-so-often stomach upset, and I need to be really careful that I eat literally every half hour or so to keep my blood sugar steady...but it's getting better.

For sleep...I keep getting pushed out of bed! DD sort of wiggles into DH, who rolls into me...and wind up on a sliver of bed when there is an entire twin nd most of a queen going unused! Argh!

Oh, I should mention...DH is wonderful! He went to Target and bought one of those memory foam bed toppers in the twin size (twin is pretty cheap, and it means he doesn't have to sleep on "squish") and it is amazing! My hips are loving me again!
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Not much happening here - starting to feel more movement but do have the braxton's - feel those more than the baby. This is baby #4 for me (in 5 years) so my body reacts strongly - not painful but definitely tense.

My level II u/s is tomorrow - we will find out the gender (well actually I have this whole scheme in my head to have the tech write in on a piece of paper and let my 4 year old read it to us! I am thinking boy because of the comments at the 12 week u/s but this baby is quiet which makes me think girl. Healthy is all that matters (well, and only 1 please - which there should only be one!).

Otherwise - we are thinking about renovating our house which requires us to move out about 6 weeks before baby and be out until x-mas - yikes. I am pretty stressed about it - but do think renovating while at home with the kiddos is much easier than trying to do while I work.
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i started exercising this weekend (b/c i no longer had the fear of hurling at the Y), and i have slept SO MUCH BETTER. i know that an hour of cardio or a yoga class a day is a luxury i should capitalize on pre-baby, but it's really helped. i was waking up all the time, and not just to pee. if my husband rolled over, did anything, i'd wake up and moan "why do you have to mmmmoooovvveeee" in a nagging voice. it became a joke (he's so good with my incessant moods--a true cancer i am), but i am happier to sleep through his tossing (and new snoring/snorting).

i have also been nesting like a freak. i thought this was supposted to happen at the end. it's distracting me from my academic work....i am a bad girl, but all i want to do is make photo albums and clean out areas for potential baby space. a one bedroom apt isn't too flexible, but i'm determined to find room!

still itchy, but not as bad. no movement, but occasional twinges which make me think "was that the baby?". often they're followed by a loud fart, and then i'm like..."guess not..." i started taking a calcium magnesium and flax seed supplement every other day, and i am finally pooping--woot! that makes me VERY happy.

i am sick of winter, too! and it's not even february! this is when i want to move back south...i have the total winter blahs. and i think i have an internet addiction (to mom.com) hee hee.
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Ann, good luck at the u/s today, let us know how it goes! I like the idea of letting your little one tell you the sex, what a great way to make your DC feel included!

I'm doing pretty well. My hip pain got so unbearable that I went to see a chiro. It turns out the right side of my pelvis was WAY out of alignment and tilted up. I've gone about 4 times now and my pelvis is finally better It feels soooooo much better. And I didn't even know but my insurance covers 24 free visits to the chiro a year!

I'm nesting like a freak. I am DYING to get the nursery ready. I think DP is gonna paint it this weekend - just to shut me up. I am sooo ready to meet this baby. I think that now that I know what it is like to have a baby I am more anxious to meet him. I am already so bonded to him and just want to see his little face.

My sister is now 38 weeks pregnant with her first baby and I am going to be her doula so I'm waiting patiently for the call. I'm so excited for her and I can't wait to meet her little baby too. Maybe he will help me get my baby fix until my baby arrives. I'm also happy that DS will get to see a baby before our baby is born.
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Felt real kicks last night! My husband caught one too which was so fun. I'd felt a few twinge-y babe feelings before now but last night were definitely those little kicks... I'd forgotten how much I love that feeling. And I am getting BH which I barely felt at all last time.

I'm doing well overall. I've suddenly had a huge urge to find out the sex of this baby which I have never felt inclined to do before. I think that I want to be able to picture and process us as a four person family rather than just three well before this baby arrives and somehow I feel I'd be more able to do that knowing the gender (weird, but true). I still think I won't find out and the ultrasound isn't until the 24th so I've got time to think about it.

I've been doing prenatal yoga classes and they have been so wonderful. Physically I am always amazed by how out of whack my body gets without my noticing and then after class I feel such a difference. And the hour and a half of just pregnant me time without my daughter or other life things is sooooo wonderful.

We're still BFing but I'm getting worried my daughter is going to wean. I can barely squeeze out any milk at this point... sometimes I get none, some times a little. She's asking less and less and nursing for shorter and shorter amounts of time. I'd really finally wrapped my head around tandem nursing and was looking forward to it and now I'm worried it won't happen. I think my goal is to just keep her latching a little everyday to see if we can make it and then maybe when milk comes after baby she'll get into it again. It has become somewhat painful again which may be due to plain old nipple soreness but also could be because there is little milk... not sure which.

I haven't had real nesting urges, but I am managing to keep the house on the cleaner side which is helping keep me more balanced overall. I have actually had urges to get my daughter's things in order more than usual... like somehow as long as we can manage to keep her stuff organized we can add another babe. I suppose this is in part because they'll eventually be sharing a room once the little one leaves our room. We went to Ikea this weekend and bought a big shelf/bookcase and bins and now have all her toys/dolls/balls/stuffed animals/blocks etc etc organized. It is heaven.

Okay I have written a book (sorry). I'm done now.
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Looking forward to meeting my mw again next week. I really want to hear the heartbeat since my whole toxoplasmosis scare.
My sleep has been okay, not as deep as I would like it to be. We splurged on a king size pillowtop mattress when we found out I was pregnant and dh was having back problems so my body feels good. Plus I do a lot of streching first thing when I wake up in the morning. It's supposed to help for when getting into all those positions during labour. I refuse to be in a hospital bed laying down on my back.
I do need to walk more, it's just so blah outside.
wishing everyone some cozy warm support hugs.
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i'm back and i made it through alive!

Well, I finally started taking my prenatals again this week. I am finally feeling less sick, but now that I can take them I feel like I should have forced myself to take them all along. Oh well. : I am soooo glad to be feeling better though and I can now exercise on a regular basis. I am drinking my pregnancy tea right now and it is sooo yummy. I am starting a prenatal yoga class this evening as well. I can't wait to feel the babe move! Hopefully soon, I am 17 weeks now and this is my first. My mw is coming over when I am 19 weeks, I guess we might able to hear the heartbeat with the fetalscope soon? anyone know? I havent heard the babes heartbeat yet because she doesnt like the doppler or u/s. I am considering seeing a naturapath doc because I keep getting these weird pimple like things on my legs that turn into giant infections. No matter if I leave them alone they just get worse and worse. I might wait for another one to erupt as the last one has finally healed, I have had like 5 of them and they do leave a scar. So strange. Other than that, enjoying life again, I can cook dinner and make myself my own food. Thank goodness as my dh is a very bad cook. He even microwaves small things for like 2 mintues! Oh well, he is an angel in every other way, I couldnt have survived this so far with out him.
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i haven't posted in a looong time but i just wanted to pop in and say :
i'm glad to see that everyone is doing well - aches and ickies aside. i can't believe we're already at the halfway point - time is really flying by now. baby is moving around all the time - which i love. i had another meeting with the midwife last week and she said everything looked good. she was also able to meet DP and they hit it off which was a big relief.

i also had an anatomy scan today and found out we're having a girl. i'm kind of in shock since i always imagined having two boys but...i guess i have the next four months to get used to the idea. everyone else is jumping for joy though - DP, DS, parents, friends - so that's nice.

maternity clothes are driving me crazy right now! nothing seems to fit right or be comfortable for more than ten minutes - especially bras. i swear they all feel like medieval torture devices. the ones from last time are too big (40F anyone?) and i don't want to buy more until i see how far they're gonna go this time.

other than that i'm just gearing up for the last semester of school. trying to pace myself and enjoy the family as it is now because soon it's going to be a whole lot different.

to you all mamas & keep up the good work!
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Happy baby news...congrats violetisadora!

For bras I have some "soft cup" style and to be honest...the shelf bras built into my old maternity tanks (guess I should get some news ones pretty soon) are the most comfy things ever at this point. But I'm not super active at work, I'm not running/jogging, and at home dd likes to have easy access for nursing...so I don't really need a super strong support bra yet.
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I get my u/s today, and DH, DS and I are all looking forward to it. (We're all going together. Hope the tech doesn't mind family shows. )

On Wednesday night, I went to an open house for a local school that was billing itself as a Jewish Montessori preschool, and I was afraid it would be bad at both things (doing nothing well, you know?), but it looks really great, AND they lowered their prices from the brochure, so we can actually afford it. I'm very happy as I'd been struggling with where to send DS next year. (Jewish Waldorf school is the only thing that would be better than this, but there's only one--in Israel--in the world as of now.)

Oh, and I'm hating my bras, too. I'm thinking of splurging on one more Decent Exposures soft bra. They aren't as pretty, but so much more comfortable. They actually sent me a coupon recently, too... Hmm...

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OK.. first of all, we (dp and I) went to a BIG County Chamber event, business meeting, dinner, the works. I had three preggo comments while there...

One was "when are you due? oh June... huh... so you still have a ways to go!"
another was just like that and the third was
"JUNE?!?!?!? Are you sure it's not twins?????" I said yes thank you, only one!

In other news: : :
I'm so upset and frustrated with DP. We have lots of ongoing relationship problems.... he tends to be a very selfish and work driven person. He seems to be at work all the time and has little regard for me. He only seems to do think with DD (ie, put her to bed which is the only thing he's really home for) If I ASK him to and even then he only really gets her jammys on and reads her a story and I have to go finish.

Yesterday I had gone around lloking for something really nice to wear to that dinner. It was at a very highend place and tickets were running $80 a person. Now you all know how hard is to find something that fits and looks nice. He had made some extra money this past paycheck and told me to go get something nice and not to worry about the price tag. Now I know this is terrible but I found a REALLY pretty dress and bought it... it was $70!!!!! and a special occasion wear so it was non-returnable... but it wasn't a maternity dress, but fit nicely like one and so I figured I could wear it again. I ran around looking for the right shoes and accesories and when I showed up to his work to pick him up that evening you know what he said? (I was ALLLLLL dressed in my new tea-length dress with hair done etc.)
He looked at me like I had come in wearing jeans and sweatshirt and said "I thought you were going to wear that pants suit" I said, no I told you bought a new dress. He then proceeded to tell me that the dress didn't fit me well and that why dont we run home so I can get my out fit with the pants. I didn't know what to do. He went to take a shower at the gym (where he works, I had brought his clothing there) and sent me home to change. I SOBBED the whole way home!
Why is he so insensitive???? If you dont like what some one is wearing, it's fine to tell them in the store before they buy it but not then... not at that moment! He complains about my lack of confidence and can't for the life of him figure out why I'm like that!!!!

This is the "man" who called off our wedding because of my weight!
I'm sorry to carry on... the main problem is that I do love him so much and when he's nice to me it seems to all be worth it but it seems like so many times things are just... like last night. we ended up having it "out" in the car on the way home... I had put on a happy face all through the party even though he kept going to the bar and not bringing me back anything to drink (they had free champagen in the center but alot of good that does a pregnant woman). I went to the bathroom and he left to go get himself some food and I couldn't find him for a while.

Guys, he's so CRAP to me and there's nothing I can do about it! Why can't he just love me and treat with some thought, consideration and respect?!?!?!?

I'm sorry to go on and on... I just dont know what to do... we "talk" all the time, I explain how I feel... I just seem to be constantly getting this whole speach from him to the effect of ,
"Some days I really really love you and I want to have a happy little family with you and just be with you and other days... I dont know... it just doesn't seem to work." He tells me we fight all the time and he always hears about everything he's doing wrong.

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