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Self Induction SUCESS!!

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For those of you who were following my obsession with natural induction methods... Annabelle Rose was born on January 11. 4 days before her due date. So I guess all that sex, pineapple, red razberry leaf tea, eggplant parm, and pizza with mountain dew must have worked.

Ok. Really though here's what happened. Monday, Jan. 8 I had my membranes stripped. Had some hot monkey sex that night... Nothing. Had some hot (not) monkey sex Tuesday night. Nothing. Went out to dinner on Wednesday night. Ate pizza, loaded. Went home. Was cutting up and eating pineapple when the first one hit me. OUCH! What the hell was that? Half an hour later. OUCH! Again. So I go to bed. I just thought I was having cramps. Then... Bang. Labor. 15 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes!!! HOLY COW. I was supposed to leave for the birthing center at 10 minutes apart because I live an hour away. So we went in. Crap, I was only 3 1/2 cm dialated. They gave me a room, I labored for 6 hours in the tub. I got out and they checked me again... I was ONLY 4 cm!! :
So by that time I was pretty dang tired and I was hurtin' (It was 6 in the morning.) And I wimped out. I got the epidural. On a funny note. My husband passed out when he was holding my hand as they were hittin' me up with the epi. hehehe So labor progressed pretty fast from there. It seems that once I was able to relax my body took over and did its job. Finally it was time to push. And boy did I know it!
4 minutes of pushing later and I was holding my beautiful baby girl!! I was so happy with everything in the end. With DD1 I was not able to hold her after delivery because I spiked a fever and they needed to monitor her for infection. This time I got the wet, gooey baby fresh from the womb! I loved it! It was the most amazing thing ever! Anyhow... That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks everyone for your amazing support!! You all were the best during this pregnancy and I hope I gave back to you all that you have given to me.

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Yeah! Congrats on the self induction success, I am a little jealous! Welcome baby Annabelle!
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Congratulations! I'm glad it worked out for you!
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It's so wonderful to be holding Baby, isn't it! Enjoy it! I can't wait for my turn!!
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im more than a little jealous!! you must bo so happy!! congrats - cant wait to see pics!!
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Congratulations!! Share pics when you can!
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Welcome Annabelle! Congratulations!!!
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YES!!!!!!!!!! I knew all the work would pay off!! Congratulations. I'm so excited for you and now we are both holding our babies! There was quite a surge of in coming babies. GO Ladies GO!!

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Welcome to the world, Annabelle Enjoy your babymoon, Hanna!
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Congratulations! Welcome, Annabelle! I'm glad you were able to have her early--that's cool.
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