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welcoming aaron luke!

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hello, ladies!

just a short note to announce the birth of aaron, on his adjusted due date, jan 15! we arrived at the hospital at 8:30 am and he arrived less than an hour later at 9:13 after 3 very intense hrs of labour and 4 pushes.

he was 8 lbs, 13 oz and 22 in long.

we're both doing great and just got home a few hrs ago.

oh, and dh picked up my beads at the post office later on mon. afternoon.
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Ohh how exciting!!! Many, many congratulations!! Enjoy your new little one!

It's so cool now that we're getting close enough to see some of us having our babies!
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Oh Hooray!!!!!!!!

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yay! welcome Aaron!

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OMG ... Congratulations Jilly, and welcome too the world Aaron... What a great birth. So glad you are both home and doing well... Post Pics when you get time
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Wow! That's so exciting. Congratulations!
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Jill!!!! I am so happy for you and your family! Just this morning I was thinking to myself "I haven't seen Jill post in a couple of days, I wonder if she gave birth?"

Enjoy your baby moon!

No pressure, but I am sure we would all love to hear the birth story and see some pics when you get a chance. Hint! Hint!
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congratulations!! welcome aaron!
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Congrats, Jilly! Bring on the February births!
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Congratulations Jilly!!! I had a felling when I didn't see any posts from you recently I'm so happy for you and your family! Welcome Aaron Luke, you sweet little thing!!
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Aaron Luke!! Enjoy your precious babymoon & try to rest!! We you!!!
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Congratulations!!!!!!! Welcome to the world, Aaron!!
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Wow! That was fast! Congratulations Aaron and Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats momma, I love the name you chose!
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Way to go mama!
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Congratulations! Glad to hear things went smoothly for you.
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Congratulations Jill and wecome baby Aaron!!
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