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August 07 twins!

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August 07 TWINS CLUB:

Aurie Due 8/2 with two girls 34w6d c-section
S&G24Me Due 8/12 with two boys 36w1d vaginal with breech extraction
Mothtomany Due 8/7 with one boy/one girl vaginal 36w5d?
MamaRabbit due 8/3 with two girls 37w5d vaginal UC at home
Fyrebloom due 7/27 with two girls 39w2d c-section due to pre-E
Jess's Mom due 8/29 with boy/girl 35w1d c-section
CrunchyClark due 8/25 with one boy/one girl 38w2d vaginal
sugarandspice due 8/12 with one boy/one girl 40w1d vaginal/c-section
clancybaby due 9/3 with girl/girl 40w5d vaginal homebirth/c-section


There are 9 now! WOW....what a month!

AND NOW.......there at 7!!!!!!!!

And NOW there are 6!!!!

I think there are there 5 of us now? How coool!!!

So when are all of you due? And what are you predictions on delivery? "Having Twins and more" by Elizabeth Noble is a great non-medicalized book about twins. She talks about visualizing your babies weights and when they will be born and making it happen. Soooo what is your visualization?

I'm due 8/25.

My visualization is that both babies will be 6-6.5 lbs and I will deliver at 37 weeks (so about August 4 or 5th). With my surro-daughter born last August, I was off by only a day on my vizualization of her birth, and 10 mins on the time! (I said 2 pm and she was born at 1:50 pm!) My OB was amazed! He said he wished all his patients could do that....and well have babies during the day too, that was nice.

My IM says August 10th is coming to her as the birthday. So, we'll see who is right!
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Hi! I haven't really introed myself yet. But I have twins due Aug 2nd. It is really an interesting and exciting experience.
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I saw you post on another thread And I counted you in the four hehehe That is what made me go....omg wow....four of us! hehehe

So hurry up and intro, would yah?
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Congrats to the twin mommies! I also wanted to suggest Dr. Luke's book "When you are expecting twins, triplets, or quads". She encourages a big weight gain but there's a lot of good advice in there too. I read it cover to cover more than once during my twin pg! Congrats to you all, twins are so much fun!!
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It's possible I might have twins. Though I won't know for awhile as we won't do an u/s unless we have another reason to.

So I'll lurk here a bit

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Yes! I have Dr. Luke's too! Elizabeth Noble references Dr. Luke and her book frequently in Having Twins and also recommends the 24 lbs by 24 weeks with twins and a total of 50-60 for twins EVEN if you're 'fluffy' to begin with. She says that is the number one predictor of going to term or near--big weight gain and LOTS of protein 130-150 g a day for twins. I'm reeeeallly trying!

Angela, what makes you think you've got twins? I think it would so neat to have them naturally! This is via IVF, so it was a pretty good chance there would be twosies.
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Originally Posted by CrunchyClark View Post
Angela, what makes you think you've got twins? I think it would so neat to have them naturally! This is via IVF, so it was a pretty good chance there would be twosies.

Well, there is a huge family history on DH's side. And I had a flash that it was twin boys... could have been total bs. Never know though.

I figure better to be mentally ready

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Oh yes....better to be ready! When I was pg with my second, my older son kept saying it was twins (and I was a single mom at the time) so I was soo freaked out! Then, at 17w I was measuring 22w and they sent me for an US to rule out twins, I was even more freaked out....but...in the end...I just delivered a 2 ounce shy of 8 lbs baby at 34 weeks! He was over 12 lbs by his due date, so he'd just have just come out 3 mos old LOL
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My latest EDD is Aug 1 and earliest is July 23, depending on what formula is used. I'm hoping for 37-38 weeks bare minimum with NO PTL. I'll be happy with any time in July, but I would prefer later than July 22 (because I'm a freak and want Leo babies). My actual guess is July 17-18, though. Ooo, 7-17-07 would be cool. Yep, I'm a dork.

Weight-wise for the babes, I'm visualizing 6-6.5 minimum.

Weight-wise for me, I'm hoping for about 50lbs bare minimum. I've gained approx. 12 lbs so far (hoping for another growth spurt soon!) and I'm 13 weeks.

I definitely need to add the Noble and Luke books to my wish list. I don't have anything on gestating twins yet! But I do know about eating lots of healthy food, esp. protein, and trying to gain as much as possible early on (healthfully, of course!), so I'm not completely floundering.
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I read this thread because twins run in my family, in fact, someone has had a set of twins in every generation except mine so far :

Don't think this one is multiples, I only heard one heartbeat at my MW appt. With my luck I'll have twins when we decide it's time for ONE more baby...
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LOL yes... Amanda! We have relatives who had four boys and decided they'd try 'one more time' for girls....and had identical triplet girls!!
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Originally Posted by CrunchyClark View Post
LOL yes... Amanda! We have relatives who had four boys and decided they'd try 'one more time' for girls....and had identical triplet girls!!
OMG, we have four girls and decided to go for one more. Think I'll have 3 boys! I'm already wondering if I'm carrying twins again.

I did want to say congrats to all you twin mamas. From one twin mama to another.
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Well....have you had that US yet? Maybe.....nature is playing a little trick on you hehe

Though my best friend has four daughters and then a little man!!!! So it does happen
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congrats twin moms!

I wanted to read the Noble book.. it had terrible reviews on amazon which made it look great haha.. all the mainstream moms were so offended at the authers views on circ, cows milk, breastfeeding and whatnot I was like wow this book must be cool. I can't find it to buy and it would have been 6-8 weeks before I got it if I bought it online though!

I hope you all can be as lucky with your twin pregnancies as I have with mine.. I am almost 38 weeks now and going strong..
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Awesome Heather! My IM bought the book for me--I think through Amazon.com. I wonder why it's not easily available? Not popular enough to keep in print I guess LOL It is really great. Maybe you can read it post pregnancy And reaffirm all the good stuff you did!

Congrats on being 38w and going There was a mama pregnant around the time I was with my surro-daughter who went to term and had almost 9 & 10 lbs babies (bigger than her singletons if I remember right) at home!
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Subscribing!!!! We just found out on Wednesday that we're having twins! I had suspected for a couple weeks (measuring way ahead with correct dates), so I went in to get a quick check. Now that I've recovered from a near heart attack, I'm ready to get reading.

I understand visualization is so necessary for this. I visualize big babies, both head down, born at 40+ weeks.

So glad there are others going through this with me!
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Did any of you see the National Geographic "in the womb multiples"? - it was AWESOME.... It's new and they seem to be doing re-runs all the time - you should check it out :-D
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We don't have TV, but I've heard it was great! I might try to see if I can get it on DVD to watch on the computer

I had my last US today until mid-pregnancy structural one. Both beans looking great!

The pic is pointing to their little arms 'waving' at us. One is head up and the other down in the picture.

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Hmm, I think I might hang out here with you ladies for a while. I am definetly having "twin feelings" this time around. I have to wait on a confirmation u/s though because the Army doesn't know what to do with me! Since I'm not receiving prenatal care through the Army's medical system they didn't want to put me in their computer because then it would start tracking me and look like I'm not being seen (which I won't be, but...) I'm suppose to know by the end of this week when I can get in.

But in the meantime, here are my feelings/systoms. Tell me what ya'll think!
~I'm huge! I look the same at 10 weeks as I did at 20 weeks w/ dd. And I have been able to wear my pre-preggo jeans for a while so I know it not still extra fluff left over from her. I haven't worn regular pants since 6 weeks. Everyone asks me if its twins when they find out I'm *only* 10 weeks (tomorrow technically) But its obvious that I'm preggo.
~I actually got some morning sickness this time and I had none w/ dd.
~I am constantly hungry; I eat practically every hour but no weight gain yet (and I haven't been eating the greatest food all the time either!)
~When I was 7 weeks I poked around and measured where I'm pretty sure my uterus was and it was measuring 11 cm. I haven't done it since, though; maybe I need to go home and poke around some more tonight.
~And for the past week or so, I've felt something, lol!! I know its still early and it might be gas, but I keep getting those little fluttery feelings in two different places, but they're the same places, ya know? Like just below my belly button off to the left, and a few inches below my belly button but off to the right. I can tell when its gas bubbles, because its all over the place and random, but these two spots are consistently the same.
~The one thing that weirded me out from the begining was when I took that first test (I took 3 just to be sure, lol!) I was 13 dpo and it was about 8 am so I had been up for 3 hours, pee'd several times, drank a bunch of water and had worked out already before I took it. That thing was positive in the time it took for me to pee on it and turn it over to put the cap back on. I mean bright, bold, no mistaking it purple line in the result window. It showed up before the control lines did! With dd, I tested at 10 dpo first thing in the morning and it was so light that both ex-DH and I were in the bathroom squinting and turning it this way and that way to see if there was really a line there or if we were just imagining it.

Maybe I'm just over reacting. I kind of hope I'm not because by now I've gotten kind of attached to the idea of carrying twins so I want it to be true. Hmm, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Holly-They're so cute. And since I'm due 2 days before you, my little bean (or beans) should look about the same!
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I dunno Trish! All could be possible symptoms! You're TS right? and didn't use any fertility drugs? Anything is possible!

I think early HPT's is a pretty unreliable method as every emby produces different hcg. I tested positive at 7dpo with my second ds. I was just SURE I was pregnant. I was single and I knew exactly the last time I'd DTD so it couldn't be a mistake. This time, with twins, I was 14 dpo before I got anything which is just insane comparing to all the people on my surro-board. I was so sure we'd had another failed transfer.

They say you get bigger subesquent times. It doesn't apply for me usually, or hasn't, though this time it probably will. Who knows!

With my second one, I was sent for an US at 17w because I was measuring 22w at 17w. He's just a huge kiddo. He was 2 oz shy of 8 lbs at 34 weeks!
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