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Prodromal labor is the worst! I had it so bad last time. It gets your 'hopes' up....and you can't sleep....and then nothing and so the next day you're pooped and then it happens AGAIN that night!

I don't think I'd call my joints 'crunchy' but more like 'stiff' and arthritic type feeling if I knew what arthritis felt like. I once in a while get the numbness of carpal tunnel in one hand, but I've had that for a long time. Pregnancy doesn't seem to affect it much for me.

Any baby announcements today??? I'm holding my breath!

Andrea, good to see you 'back' on the thread Any sage advice about things you wish you'd finished before they arrived?? Things you wish you'd bought? or not? How is the cloth diapering going?
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Holly-I can relate to the stiffness in the hands. Mine definitely feel that way although they are swollen. I try to flex them often just to see if that helps. I finally took off my wedding ring/band b/c it was hurting which was no easy task let me tell ya.

Sorry you guys are having prodromal labor. That just stinks. Some of my BH take my breath away these days but nothing is ever consistent. Sadly, I don't really remember what real contractions felt like with DD. Guess you do forget some of it-although I remember just wanting to sleep after 30 hrs.

Welcome back Andrea. Yes, please give us any tips you have!

Hoping you guys get some rest or real action tonight.
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The weekend is almost over, I wonder if we will have any announcements this week? It was really exciting getting caught up on you all! Hopefully, it will be soon for everyone

Small update on me. The girls are trying to get their days and nights in the right order, but they still seem to sleep better the louder and brighter it is.. ~yawn~ If you can believe it, they will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday!

My pre-E is still hanging on. My BP is up with headaches though my swelling is slowly diminishing. I still have some in my ankles, feet and belly. The meds are semi keeping things under wraps. I am just hanging out taking care of babies and not looking at the house. MIL is here now. DH is taking his leave when she goes home and then my mother is on duty after that. Hopefully, things for me will be settled by the time my mother goes home in mid-August.
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Aurie, sorry to hear the pre-e is still hanging out!

Do you have any sage baby advice for us too?? You're a 'veteran' twin mama now LOL
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I'll bet Shawnii is still recovering. Hope everything went well for her and her babes.

Aurie mind me asking how everything went with your Pre-E? I'm kinda borderline right now. My BP is high, but not quite 140/90 and i'm spilling protein, but not enough and I have elevated Uric acid in my blood, but nothing else. I'm on partial bedrest and am protein loading like crazy (seems to be helping... I didn't show any protein last appt). I seem to be heading that way, but then again I could just be stressed from having twins in there.

I took a bath last night and a nice glass of wine and got some rest. Tonight i'm contracting with some regularity. My DH is taking DS to visit the grandparents for a few days so I can rest up and go to my dr's appt without torturing the boy by bringing him with me (toddlers and NSTs don't mix). I had prodromal labor last pregnancy... I wish for once I could have a clean cut labor/not in labor... this halfway stuff is for the birds :

Anyone else's belly go numb? Mine is numb in a few spots... It's SOOOOO wierd.
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Looking for support

I had a sono last week and for the second month in a row, baby B has not gained much weight. She has gained a little less than a half lb each month. I am very worried and I know us are not 100%, but I am worried about her placenta. I have another us on the 25th and the Dr said it may be time to deliver if she is still on the same track, I will be 35 weeks on the 25th. I just want them both to be healthy, I just wish the babies would let me know that they need to come out on their own. I have had some cont and they seem to be changing from the fist bh's that I had. My cont are now a tight feeling in my lower back and stom. with throbbing in my back and a feeling of my breath being compressed. This pg is just so diffrent from my first one, I feel like I am falling apart ment. & phys. I will do whatever I need to do to have two healthy babies, but I just wanted to know if any of you are dealing with this same issue and could offer your support. I am having weekly NST's and so far everything has been good and that does help keep me calm.
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Tiffany, I'm on to twice weekly NST/BPP's for Baby B not gaining as much. Do you know the percentiles? That is helpful. For us, Baby A has been 60-65% the entire pregnancy and continues to be there. Baby B was 50%, then 45%, then 40%, and now 35%. So they are concerned that Baby B isn't growing well. There is now over a 1 lb estimated weight difference and even just 'looking' at them on the screen you can physically see that B is smaller. It's also the 'type' of small. If their head/femur length is good but abdomen is small it suggests IUGR and that is worrisome, but if they are small all over then might just be a more petite baby.

I'd guess if they aren't watching you more than once a week you're still good and quite a ways away from induction, but who knows. They just switched me to twice weekly after Baby B dropped below the 40% a week ago. The NSTs are still good and reactive and the BPP's show adequate cord flow and fluid (though low side of normal).
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I wouldn't worry about the sizes. My last measurements had them both at 25% but the week before they were a lb apart. It is nearly impossible to measure them at this point. As long as the fluid is ok and the are reactive they're fine.
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Originally Posted by CrunchyClark View Post
Andrea, good to see you 'back' on the thread Any sage advice about things you wish you'd finished before they arrived?? Things you wish you'd bought? or not? How is the cloth diapering going?
I probably won't be posting too much from now on, since I don't have much computer time. But I will be dropping by to see how you ladies are doing. I can't wait to hear about all your births!

One thing I have to say is to take a minute or 2 and really enjoy the pregnancy, which I know is extremely difficult at this point. But all too soon it will be over and you will miss that feeling of 2 sets of feet kicking you. This was my last pregnancy and I really tried to enjoy what I could.

As far as my advice, just to get everything finished so you have nothing to stress you out about doing after they are here. One of my biggest things is cooking dinner and I have been very blessed to belong to a great mother's group and they have been bringing me dinner every night. And make sure you are stocked with dipes and pads! I had to go to the store the day after we got home to get more pads. I knew my husband would have the hardest time with it, and I got to go alone with my 3 1/2 yo dd. So it was some time alone with her at least.

And I do wish I would've bought some car seat head support/body support things. They just do not fit well into their car seats and their poor little heads flop around. I have rolled up blankets around their heads, but it doesn't work that well. And the boppy has been a life saver. It is the only way I can feed both at the same time by myself. I can stuff a blanket next to their heads for support and have both hands free!! I can actually read a book while nursing 2!

We haven't switched over to the cloth dipes yet. I was using disposables until they passed their meconium, which is just about gone now. And I'm waiting for some preemie sized covers. I am so glad I bought the preemie sized prefolds, the infant/newborn size wouldv'e been too big. And the newborn covers I have are way too big. They just have these tiny little skinny butts!

Good luck to you all ladies, I wish you short labors and happy healthy babies! I posted on my announcement thread some pics and my birth story.
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I do not know about the %'s, I just know that she hasn't gained what they would like to see her gain. I go in for NST's every Tue. and Fri. so it helps to hear the heart beats and they have been moving like crazy. I think that I have everything ready, just in case, so now that I am ready everything will most likley be okay and I will have been worried for no reason. I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway. CC- I hope everything goes well for you, I'm sure that the news you are getting is concerning. I will keep you in my prayers.
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I had another NST/BPP today and neither baby gained. Exactly what they were last Thurs. And fluid levels are same on A, but lower on B. I go in again on Thurs. My OB is fine with just watchful waiting unless one seems in distress on the NST. So, I'm just hanging out. I chatted with the nurse on the OB floor today and she said she sees a lot of spontaneous labors between 35 and 36 weeks but then not again until after 38 weeks. She's worked there for 25 years. Said she has no idea why, but it just seems like if you can make it past 36 weeks, you're going closer to term. Just ancedotal, but thought it was interesting.
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My babies are here.

Hi every one I had my babies Saturday July 14th and every thing went very well.
vaginal birth and I got some very nice nurse's. Our baby boy born at 5:54 p.m. Jaydon Isaac was 6 lb 0 oz. and 18 inches long, our baby girl born at 5:56 p.m. Joselyn Shawnya was 5 lb 2 oz and 17 1/2 inches long. Our baby girl had to be put on some air because she kept forgeting to breath and not taking deap enough breaths.
So she is down in the NICU and getting better each day. Her suck is very week so we are working with teaching her that also. She got her IV taken out today and is on some very low low amount of air now.
My Doc. thinks that baby girl stoped growing and was a part of why the heart was declining. We didn't know there was that big of a difference is size because they were close in size a month ago on the Ultra sound but, I had another U/S that I was going to go to this week but of course wont need it now LOL. She was meassuring almost 5 pound a month ago on the U/S.

I am in a bording room at the hospital for a few night and pumping milk to take down for her.

There middles names are my dh and my first names. Shawnii has been my nick name for ever. Shawnya is my real name.
Hope to post more soon. Here is a few pictures and I will take more better one's when we all get home.


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: : Congratulations! Welcome little Jaydon and Joselyn!!

So glad the babies are OK. Keep us updated!
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I think i'm really really for real in labor now (contractions every 2-3 min lasting a min each... been going on for 3.5 hours now). I finally broke down and took 2tbs of castor oil and DTD. No nasty side effects from the castor oil (still haven't gone to the bathroom in fact and I took it at 9pm). I'll keep you posted though!

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fyrebloom, you still in one piece or in 3 pieces?
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Still one. GOD If I ever want a rest I just have to talk to DH... He stresses me out so much I stop contracting! The other DH makes me contract LOL! We're on the way for an "emergency" meeting with the drs, peds, anestesia etc. I'm going home after assuming i'm not dilating (pretty sure i'm not, although I'm completely effaced). Wish us luck and no not alot of dilation vibes so I can come back home!
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Congrats Shawnii!!!! How many weeks were you? (I'm keeping stats LOL)

Good luck fyre!
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I've been having contractions all night (it's 1am here, 2pm EST). Getting closer together and they hurt and they're in my back too. If this isn't the real thing and I'm losing sleep over it, I'm gonna be PO'd and exhausted in the morning. If they're BH contrax, I wish they'd go away!

Don't get too excited yet, probably just another false alarm.
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OOOH! MamaRabbit watch commences too

Who will it be....fyre or Mama to go first? LOL

sugar....where aaarrrreee you? Have you beaten Mama and fyre to the finish line?? Or just lazing around?
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I'm here. We were just out running errands all morning. After that, I needed a nap. I'm waking up about every hour at night so I'm sooo tired all the time. And now I'm getting the dreaded stretch marks. Ugghhh. I have plenty of old ones from a high school growth spurt, but now I've got nice new red ones. Dh asked me last night if my belly would go away after this. I'm thinking not. Oh well. Signs of motherhood.

Congrats Shawnii!!

Happy laboring (I hope!!) Fyrebloom & Mamarabbit.
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