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Fyre-they are beautiful. I'm glad your recovery is going so well. That's fantastic.

Well, another weekend is here and family will be coming in town to bring baby stuff. I won't be checking in as often, so don't be concerned. Unless something changes dramatically, these babies don't seem to be in any hurry.
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Hi every one I am still around but not on the computer much. Our baby girl Joselyn is still on her oxygen and monitors and she is growing like a weed and drinking her bottles so good. I just hope she will nurse after she get's stronger because I am going to be so sad if she don't. The baby boy Jaydon is nursing good but when all my other kids came back home they all had bad head colds that no one told us they had and now Jaydon is fighting a bad cold. I have to keep sucking out all the thick green goo out of his nose just so he can breath. poor thing
I hope this link will work because there is a picture of them on there. Hope things will settle down so I can have a second to come on the computer more often. And congrats to all the other twin mom's. It's been so fun to come on and see who had had there baby.
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Shawnii, they're adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!
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What beautiful little munchkins!
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They are adorable Shawnii!!

Anyone heard an update from Tiffany?
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They are here!

Drake Mitchell and Olivia Renee have arrived. 07/26/07, Drake was 5lbs 12 oz and Olivia was 4lbs 3oz. They are both doing well, Olivia is just being watched for temp, Drake is nursing, Olivia hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. We are happy to have them with us.
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Congratulations! Welcome, Drake and Olivia. Enjoy those tiny babies; they grow way too fast!
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YAY! Congrats Tiffany How long will you guys have to stay? What gestation were you? (I'm keeping track of our August babies!) And vaginal/CS and if you don't mind answering, natural or ferility related
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Welcome to the world little ones! Congratz Tiffany!
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Congratulations Tiffany! I hope all went well with the birth. We would love to hear about it!
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Congrats Tiffany!

So how many of us are left and how far along?

I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday.
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I'm 36w as of yesterday.

There is me, clancybaby, and you sugar.....that's it! There is/was one more--kettuainen--but she mainly posts only in UC after the first few weeks.
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Crunchy, just saw your belly pics. You look fabulous! I made it to 37.5wk and looked huge compared to you. And where are all the stretch marks? I see a few but you've been spared by many I think And you're carrying very high... what are the positions right now?
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Well I'm 5'10" so that makes a big difference in places for babies to hide! Yes, I *just* got a stretch mark this week! Wahh! I thought maybe I'd make it out unscathed like my last three pregnancies, but nope! Just TOO much baby in there LOL

They are vertex/vertex and actually quite low! Baby A's head is crammed into my pelvis and even B moved down last week to sort of 'snuggle' into A's shoulder so they are both lower than in previous weeks LOL
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just checking in

Wanted to say a quick hi and that I'm still here. 35 wks now. Getting slower and slower each day and the trip to the Whole Foods Market today took 2 hours, just to get around the store and get everything. Whew, exhausting. My 5 year old helper is doing a very good job of being very helpful but I certainly hope to be that fun mommy I used to be again sometime.

Most of my hope that insurance would contribute anything to this hopeful homebirth are down the drain so we'll suck that up, but ugh insurance is just ludicrous and so unfriendly.

Fun to hear about all the babies that are here. We're prepping the cloth dipes and have received tons of hand me down baby girl clothes so I guess we'll manage - even tho our house is just not really big enough for two more people to live in it. I expect there will be time to organize someday and find some space before they are running too far (with them slung on me sleeping I hope )

Best to everyone. And Crunchy I hear you about the stretch marks, some just showed up on me last week, what a bummer after none from my first pg. Oh well, they'll fade.
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Had my appt today. 2 cm and mostly effaced. Baby A is really low and I'm having some pretty good contractions with menstrual type pain and pelvic pressure. Those started last night. OB said his guess was the next few days (comparing to my other pregnancies) but that he doubted I'd make the week. In two of my three deliveries, I've been checked and found to be about 2-3cm and mostly effaced and had babies within 48 hours the last two times, so we'll see if it holds true for this time too! I'm at least officially in 'pre-labor'

Oh, NST/BPP estimated them at about 7.5 and 5.5 lbs. My guess is they'll be just under 5 or right on 5 lbs and then the other one close to 7, but not over.
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Oooh, Holly! I will be thinking of you! How exciting...any time now.
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Holly you do look small. Geez, I can barely walk out the door without someone commenting on my belly usually something about being ready to pop, but I am only 5'3". I hope things go well with labor and birth since they sound imminent.

Clancybaby- I hear you about getting things ready. I'm still considering ordering another dozen preemie dipes just to be sure and so we don't have to wash every day.

I had an OB appt. today. Babies sounded good. Baby boy has turned vertex again. Yay! I don't know how he manages to keep flipping around in there. BP, urine, etc. was good for me. I guess Clancybaby and I will be the only 2 left soon.
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Wowzas...glad you're going to hang in there a bit with me Sugarnspice. It'll get lonely here.

I don't care to know the details of my cervix at this point, the first time around for me I was at 3 cm for close to 3 wks! My singleton wasn't born until 42 wks...I wonder how long these two will consider hanging out. I want them to cook fully and all definitely but they are just going to run out of space!
All seems well with me with BP and urine and everything else so who knows.

Will be thinking of you Crunchy, can't wait to hear more about the babes and their hopeful imminent arrival!
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: Oooo, Clancy, now I'm checking back here more often!!
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