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This thread caught my eye because I really want twins someday (crazy??? I'm not sure....lol), so I thought I'd pop in...

Now, I'm a little scared....lol I gained over 85 lbs. with a SINGLETON, and have MAJOR saggy belly.....

Maybe the twins could be the "last hurrah" for my baby-bearing days...lol

Anyways, kudos to ALL you mommies, I'm sure you all have been through a lot for your little bundles!
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I gained about 65 pounds with my babes and they were born just over 38 weeks. I lost about 40 pounds right away the next 15 more slowly, but the last 10 have hung on and on (and I breastfed thru the first year).
Good luck!
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I only gained 36 lbs with my twins. I'm a vegetarian too. I really just never had an appetite and I was always forcing myself to eat. It was really, really hard (I'd literally cry stuffing food in my mouth trying to get the recommended amt of protein in). They were born at 37 weeks & 4 days and weighed 6 lbs 14 oz & 7 lbs 13 oz, so pretty darn big considering the weight I gained and the weeks I was at. I lost all the pregnancy weight by 9 days pp and now at almost 10 months pp I'm down an additional 18 lbs (w/o trying - it's from nursing both, stress, and having a hard time finding time for ME to eat).
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I gained 42 pounds and delivered at 37 weeks -- babes were 5.7 and 6.2. I had gained 25 with my son (and he was 8.6).

I threw up every night from week 6 to about week 26, and eating was a struggle throughout (bad all day sickness-throwing up at the beginning, and no room to eat at the end), so I tried to make every bite count, as some book says. Not easy, but worth it to eat as much good, densely calorie-packed foods as you can.

Edited to add -- I think I had lost about 30 pounds when I brought the girls home that first week, and now am below my prepreg weight by a couple pounds (still nursing). THere have been moments, before they started solids, that I was at my high-school weight (about 10 pounds below prepreg weight)! Hadn't seen the scale dip that low in more than 15 years!!!
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