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The Unintended Consequence of Selective Silence

So much effort spent
quieting the whispers
of needs not met,
rocking doubt like a colicky baby,
forced soothing of anxiety,
swatting away the occasional noisy buzz of anger.
So much self-control displayed
to showcase the startling depth of my attributes
to such an extent that my flaws would be rendered non-existent
or at least laughable in the face of the average being,
and I succeeded.
Over months than years
I became increasingly skilled at the art of silence.
Silencing doubt,
silencing jealousy,
silencing needs,
silencing questions,
silencing integrity.
The thing is,
the unintended consequence is that
the selective silence crept and seeped
and muted the sounds of the love
I was trying to protect and keep
with all this silence.