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Pregnancy symptoms on Mirena?

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I'm getting a feeling like I'm pregnant, but I have a Mirena and have had for ab it over 3 years now. My periods have not been here for several months, except a week of brown spotting a few weeks ago. I didn't write it down so I forget exactly when...

Smells keep weirding me out and I gave my back the coffee at the donut place this afternoon because it tasted weird. My temp is up a bit and has been for several days now. I've been exhausted for no reason for days, too- to the point of HAVING to sleep and the boobages are more firm. Is this just a hormonal weirdness, assuming I'm not pregnant? I'd take a hpt but they seem slike such aa waste with an IUD. My temp is up by about a degree right now and has been for several days - I had what I thought was a fever a few days ago which is why I started monitoring things. I have three kids- 9, 7 and 5- and am divorced. My partner said he could feel my IUD poking him, but I've never had that happen before and when I went to check the strings myself a few days ago I couldn't find them at all. I'd wondered if the IUD had become dislodged and was poking him but I didn't feel anything....

Maybe your hormones just play tricks on you when you're nearly 35.
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Holy smokes go pee on a stick! You sound pregnant to me, especially since you can't find the strings.

If you are, the sooner you find out the better. I think the iud can be removed if it's early enough in the pregnancy.

I've been reading a few stories lately about women getting pregnant with the mirena. I have a mirena too, I love it, but I get a little paranoid sometimes.

I recently had a yeast infection and I've only ever had two other yeast infections in my life, both when I was early pregnant with ds1 and ds2. So I was a little worried, but I'm not pregnant.

Anyway, go test and give us an update. I'm really curious.
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I have since felt the strings. My CM is white and creaming. Temp is up for at least post-O temps (if I remember right). I have not counted days of those though. Yesterday in judo my breasts HURT when someone knocked into them over and over (was supposed to lol) and usually that never has happened. I did POAS yesterday but it was after coffee in the middle of the day and I think I could just go for a long nap now. Was out in the snow with the kids trapesing around....
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Another update...

Breasts keep giving me these flashes of pain. Odd. Maybe from judo yesterday. Just taking another hpt. I know its evening and not "FMU" and all. Dumb boobages!
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AF showed today- in the middle of Wendy's!
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I had the exact same issues on Mirena! I can't tell you how many times I peed on the stick, and how pregnant I felt. When I got it taken out, I was back to normal within a couple of months.
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Hello. I see this thread is from 2007. Does anyone stop by here?
I am having symptoms of pregnancy and i am a week late. A week ago I had a neg test and bloody discharge. Sore boobs, fatigue really bad, hot flashes, etc.
I have read threads that people feel this way and is nothing. I take another test tomorrow. Anyone else can share symptoms and outcomes please post.
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