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What is a typical nap schedule for a two month old?

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My DS is just about 7 weeks old. I haven't been able to figure out his nap scheulde. I'm afraid that I may not be consistent enough about his schedule during the day. Right now, he basically fusses, nurses, sometimes takes a cat nap, other times looks around a bit (5-10 minutes? when I'll usually try to play with him and make him smile), fusses, change diaper, sling him and/or boune him on the exercise ball, then goes back to sleep for 1-2 1/2 hours when it all starts over again. Sometimes in the morning he'll sit awake in his cradle swing for a little while, maybe 15 minutes, (he's entranced by the mirror and mobile on the swing) until he cries for the boob again. He will take long naps on occasion but there are days when it seems like he's fussing to fight off his sleepiness (yawning, rubbing eyes). If I try to put him down it just gets him even crankier.

Should he be awake more? Should I expect him to be awake and active when he's not napping? Am I boring him? Should I entertain him? I want to instill good sleep habits now so that I can avoid problems later on.

What is a typical napping schedule (times and length) for a two month old?

Any input would be appreciated by this first time mama!

Kathy : : :
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I think you are doing fine. Going with baby's cues. Neither of mine have ever had a schedule. I go with what they are telling me and after having my second, I honestly believe that if they are going to be a 'good' (re: easy) sleeper they will be and if they are going to fight sleep they will do that too. No matter what you do in the beginning.

Following the cues of the baby is the easiest and most sure way to do 'it' right.
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You're still well within the "go with the flow" days. Not having a schedule at that point is perfectly normal so don't fret!
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I didn't notice much routine til about 10-11 weeks. Then it was just that 2 hours of awake time meant time for a nap, and things went best if i started nap winding down by 1.5 hours awake.
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I didn't figure out any kind of routine until my daughter was about 10 to 11 weeks old.
She generally went down for a nap 2 hours after she last woke up, and her naps ranged in length anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
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My daughter didn't really find her sleeping rythm until about 6 months. Before then we just went with the flow, napped when she fell asleep and nursed the entire time she was awake.

Some babies find their rythm earlier, some later, but please don't worry you do not need to enforce any kind of schedule to make it happen.
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I agree with pp. DD is still not on a nap schedule at 4.5 months, but does go to sleep and wake up on a fairly consistent pattern these days. Maybe the naps will be next? We'll see, I'm just following her lead.
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DD was 2 months old yesterday. No set schedule here! I just go with her cues (which we can't always read!). The only thing that is pretty clear is that she goes to be for the night and sleeps sometime between 5 and 7 hours straight. She goes to bed/sleep around 11:30pm and we're trying to make it earlier - like 10pm! She gets up once in the night and then back to sleep for 3 or so hours...The rest I'm not sure about!
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I started noticing a pattern around 4 months with ds. Sounds normal to me. He's 5 mos now and he is still not on a set schedule. I can definately predict when he'll be ready for his next nap(2 hrs after he wakes up from the last one) but they are never at the same time every day.
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Not at that age for us

she's 4 months now and I think has a pattern now
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