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So Frustrated....

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I am an avid lurker...I read everyday, but post very little. I just needed to vent to others that may be going throught the same thing.

I am 41 wks. 1 day with #5. This is the first time that I have decided to go the all natural route. To make a long story short I changed from my interventionalist OB (who induced my first 4) to a very kind midwife. Now here I sit on a time clock, because 42 wks. is fast approaching and she isn't allowed to let me go past that. So I may end up with the induction that I so didn't want, all over again with a bigger baby.: To add to that she is going out of town Saturday night and won't be back until Sunday. And the OB who is on call I wouldn't want to touch me, because it is not her back-up, who is pretty easy going.

That being said, I am quite content being pregnant and this is, as far as I am concerned, my last baby, so I am enjoying it and the process. However I have just about had it with everyone else, even my dh, who are driving me nuts with "How are you feeling?, Are you having any cntx?, What is you midwife going to DO?" I am at the point where I feel like I am inconvienencing everyone, like it is somehow my fault that the baby hasn't come yet. I am not concerned that the baby is "late", because after doing alot of research I don't give too much stock to how they figure EDD. Plus all of my NST have come back good and my midwifes back-up OB did an ultrasound yesterday and actually was surprised at how much fluid was still in there. He said that everything looked SURPRISINGLY good and the baby was appr. 8 lbs. (which would be my largest, but not too awfully big....though I know that weight gestimation is very inaccurate)

Anyway if you have read this far...Thank you. I am sorry for the tirade and for feeling sorry for myself. I am just frustrated by the system and all those around me, who just don't seem to GET IT. I so just want to go into labor naturally and have a gentle, peaceful birth. Is that too much to ask? I guess I am just starting to doubt that my body is able to do this without help.

Thanks for listening!!!
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Oh mama. Please be gentle with yourself. Your body and your babe DO know how to do this. Your DH needs to stop pestering you, pronto. Easy labor vibes to you, for before/after your midwife is back on call

Can you revisit your inspirations for wanting a more natural birth this time (books, etc)? That might give you the boost you need to regain your confidence in your body. You CAN manifest the reality of your desires (OK, yes, I've been reading too much Deepak Chopra lately ).
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Anba, I'm in a similar situation...my last baby, I LOVE being pregnant, but want to avoid another medical birth, and the clock is ticking. Hugs to you. Don't give up hope.
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i feel ur pain too - im 9 days over my edd and people are starting to bug me about what im going to DO about it. one friend today after hearing my answer that im not going to DO anything said "well cant they MAKE you do something?" - i was like, ah no, nobody can make me do ANYTHING....

grr....our babies just like us and dont want to leave thats all....we should take it as a compliment!
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