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really bad mood

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anyone else experiencing this?

i am grumpy, easily irritated, sad... maybe depressed. last night i cried for 1/2 an hour. why? i don't know. i feel like i need quiet and solitude and instead i have a crazy preschooler and a a dh that think i still need to be doing everything. i didn't even eat dinner last night because i was too tired by the time i made it to eat.

i have to go see the midwife this morning and i'm afriad my BP is going to be high since i feel so irritated by everything.

(i just yelled at my son for repeatly turning up the damn TV)
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I can totally relate. I snapped at someone from work yesterday for not following procedure on a service request. (and then proceeded to feel really bad about it)

Then, lastnight while leading a group (which I have been hired to do) one of the members was being very irritating. I wanted soooooooo bad to blow up and say, there is a reason I am here now let me do my job. Somehow I managed to diffuse the situation but went home just livid, but ready to cry because I felt so insulted.

I'm kinda scared for the ob that sees me today. (first time they will see me - going through the rotation) If they say anything that sets me off I'm afraid I will be a little opinionated.
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I was in a really pissy mood the other afternoon too. I think a constant state of pissed-offedness is just under the surface pretty much all the time! I think it's because we are all sick of this yet have a ways to go. Ugh!
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I'm sorry you guys feel that way. I think I was a little bit grumpy yesterday.
DH didn't want to go with me to the store (wanted to stay home and clean - yet I got home and found him playing his Nintendo DS) so I bought myself some more canvas baskets for my craft room and a hair dryer so I can dry my stenciling projects quicker, and a remnant of black canvas for purses... I felt better, and because he wasn't doing what he said, I didn't feel guilty at all!
I have a pair of socks with frowny faces on them and they say "cranky" all over them. When I wear them, it makes me feel a little bit better.
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i hung out on the ttc after a loss forum for a few months before i got pregnant this time and i am trying hard to enjoy the end of my pregnancy. i am trying to connect with my baby and enoy all his/her movements (even when they hurt like hell) and be grateful for our time together like this. it was a good lesson to learn over there.

but, i have NO patience for anyone else. i am just the total bitch from hell.

(well i feel really sad and down too)
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OMG I am right there! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I am SO irritable (and my BP has been great). I think it's hormones.
I was up until 3:30 with DS crying and grabbing his face (allergies? and I nursed him for 2 years, UNACCEPTABLE!) Lol and then I had "intestinal problems" and was stuck in the bathroom. This is all after the doula didn't show up for a meeting after a lot of rushing around and taking ds to the in laws. The house is trashed and I honestly CAN'T do anything about it anymore. So I will most likely come home with the baby to a trashed house. : :
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Originally Posted by MotherWren View Post
The house is trashed and I honestly CAN'T do anything about it anymore. So I will most likely come home with the baby to a trashed house. : :
i called a cleaning woman yesterday. i hope she calls me back soon... i just can't be washing floors and scrubbing toilets... which needs to be cleaned like everyday because of my son and his sloppy peeing!

(PS ds has some cat and dust allergies and he's been bad too)
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I went through a lot of crying and crabbiness last week. This week seems to be a little better but I can certainly relate to it. Especially with what timneh_mom said.
I think a constant state of pissed-offedness is just under the surface pretty much all the time!
My MIL, poor thing, has chosen now to try and deal with some of our issues.
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This is so me... Not everyday, but somedays I have to just sit down and cry.

DH decided (with my blessing- ignorance on both our parts) to start an MBA program this past month. I had no idea how much work it would be - six week courses instead of 12 - and he has to do homework every single night.

I feel like I've already lost that special one on one time with him and baby isn't even here yet. We're both getting into the routine, but at first it was very hard. Thankfully, the class is over February 5 and can take some time off before starting again.

Other than that sometimes I'm just pissed I'm still pregnant. Eventhough, if you told me the baby was coming next week I would completely freak out. Must get washing!
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I have been CRYING alot lately.. Just crying for no reason, and feeling sad..I'm not angry, or irritated,just sort of feeling depressed lately. I am also dealing with being VERY TIRED as well.
Not sure about you, but I am ready too be done. I just have not felt myself as of the last 10 days or so. Not really sure what is up with this

Sending you loads of Hugs..
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Another B***** pg mama here too. You know how when it rains it pours, well it's pouring cats and dogs here right now with unexpected bills. I haven't paid my midwife off yet, my SUV unexpectedly needs two new tires, I got a totally unexpected bill for $180 yesterday that is due at the end of the month, and I still need some more dipes for my stash. : Life just sucks right now, I absolutely hate worrying about money but I am a total worrywart and can't help it.
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Missy, I cry when I'm tired too, and usually being tired is at the root of most of my negative moods, whether I'm mad or depressed or whatever! *sigh* I feel like no matter how much I sleep, it's never enough... thank goodness DS isn't waking me up at 4 am much these days...
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A huge for all of you girls!!!
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